GalaxyCon 2019

The weekend of November 8-10, 2019, we went to GalaxyCon in Minneapolis. The weekend had so many highlights, it will be hard to put them all in one post.

GalaxyCon is described as a “celebration of fandoms”. We saw lots of people dressed in cosplay for many different “fandoms.” We saw people dressed in Star Trek, Doctor Who, Marvel MCU (including Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, and Deadpool), DC, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, My Hero Academia, Disney Princesses, Ghostbusters, Scooby Doo, Back to the Future, Steven Universe, many video game characters, and Jay and Silent Bob cosplays. There were too many to list them all.

In addition to cosplayers, there were aisles and aisles of booths, selling everything from Fan Art, to comic books, to jewelry, to clothing items for everyday use, or for cosplay. I got some Incredibles earrings to wear when my preschool team dresses as the Incredibles for Super Hero Day. My son got a Battle Ax from the game “Gods of War”. All of us bought art.

There were booths with celebrities, comic book writers and illustrators, voice actors, wrestlers, cosplayers, even nerdlesque performers. There were several stage areas set up for different panels, classes, and shows. There was a video game area where people could play video games for hours, tabletop games area where people could check out and play (or learn) hundreds of table top games, and a wrestling mat set up for wrestling matches and panels.

Skeletor vs Deadpool

Many events that can be found at other cons for an additional fee were included in the price of admission for all attendees. Among some of the free events were the FSCW (Fantasy Super Cosplay Wrestling) that took place each evening, Costume contests, celebrity panels, shows (such as the cosplay tap shows by Noise Complaint, and the Nerdlesque show by The Vigilantease Collective), karaoke, dance parties, sing-a-longs, and more! I even got to take a tap class with Noise Complaint on Friday night.

Selfie with Catherine Tate. She was so much fun to hang with for our 5 minutes or so!

Many celebrities were at this event, and available for Photo Ops, Autographs, and Selfies. These were available for an extra charge. Since this was only the second Con we had ever been to as a family, we took advantage of the fact that so many people we wanted to meet were there. We were most looking forward to meeting David Tennant, but he canceled the week before the event. We still met many cool celebrities from Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Trek (original and TNG), Doctor Who, Karate Kid/Cobra Kai, Clerks and Mallrats, and more. Highlights for me, were Michael Rooker (Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy), Catherine Tate (Donna from Doctor Who), Alex Kingston (River Song on Doctor Who and Dr. Elizabeth Corday on ER), and Jonathan Frakes (Will Riker on Star Trek TNG). A highlight for my daughter, was meeting one of the creators of Spider-Gwen, Robbi Rodriguez. She was cosplaying as Spider-Gwen, and he signed some of the art that she bought.

Photo Op with Sean Gunn.

Photo op with some of the Guardians of the Galaxy cast.

We bought VIP tickets for me and Jason, so we wouldn’t have to wait in the long lines for Photo Ops. It was well worth the money! If this had been my first ever Con, I’d have been hooked from Day 1! I will definitely go again when GalaxyCon comes back next Fall!

Michael went into our photo op with Michael Rooker with an untied shoe. Rooker stopped the photographer, and tied the shoe, much to my embarrassment. We all had a good laugh in the end.

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