Project Repat T-shirt Quilt

I had a quilt made from as many of Grace’s dance and other activities’ shirts as I could find. Sadly, I couldn’t find any of her baseball/softball shirts to add, or her White Bear Choir shirt, and there were a few years of dance that I couldn’t find the shirts for either. I should have done a better job of hanging on to those over the years.

I had seen many of these quilts in the past, and thought they were so cute! As I started pricing them out, I realized they could be VERY expensive! A friend told me about a company called Project Repat. He had ordered more than one of these quilts from there, and had been very happy with them. He also told me that if I signed  up for their emails, they often have 40% off coupon codes you could use, which made it very affordable.

With Project Repat, you don’t get cute borders on your quilt, or any other embellishments. It’s just the squares, cut from your shirts, sewn together, with a fleece background. This was fine with me, because it was definitely something I wouldn’t be able to do, and I didn’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for it. This past year of dance was very expensive, as was the grad party, and everything else that goes with Senior Year.


Ordering was easy. From the website, I just had to pick the size of the blanket, the size of the squares, and choose a color of fleece for the back. I chose a Full-sized blanket (30 squares).

Then, they send you directions. Basically, you just take the shirts, cut them along the seams on the sides, and send in the 1/2 of each shirt you want on the quilt. The shipping for the shirts is not included, but shipping for them to send the blanket to you is. I think it cost me close to $20 to ship all the shirts in.

I ordered it, and set to work to find all the shirts. I was a few short, so I spent some time searching Goodwill, and asking friends to help me find a Choir shirt. In the end, I included the backs of some of the shirts with all the names of all the dancers from that year. A couple of the shirts were tank tops. Apparently, two of them were too small for the 12″ squares. They emailed me a bill for $10 because they had to add fabric to the backs of those to fit the quilt. I had saved so much with the 40% off coupon, I didn’t mind paying that amount.

Once I sent them in, it was only about 2 weeks before I got the quilt back. I was impressed with the speed it came. Grace loved it when she came home, and saw it spread out on her bed! 🙂

What would I change?

After getting it, the quilt was a little shorter than I expected. When they cut the squares, some of the words/graphics were cut off a few of the shirts. I wish I’d have ordered 15″ squares instead of the standard 12″. A border around the blanket would have been cute. I’m not even sure if that was an option, but it is fine the way it is!

Overall, I was very happy with my experience with Project Repat, and the quilt that came and helps us commemorate several part of Grace’s life!

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