Masquerade “MN I” Dance Competition 2019

This is my daughter’s Senior Year. Since it’s her last “hurrah”, she is doing all the things she hasn’t been able to do over the past several years. She is in multiple small groups, and is doing 2 solos (one of which she choreographed herself). I also let her sign up for all of the optional competitions with her solos. The first of those was Masquerade Dance Competition’s “MN I”.

Masquerade comes to Minnesota several times throughout the year. This was the first of this year. Because it was so early in the competition season, it was a much smaller competition than we are used to at MN III, the one Lake Area Dance Center typically attends as a whole studio. There were less studios, and fewer groups. It was a great opportunity for our dancers to get some experience performing, and get some early feedback.

Graduating Seniors Niki and Grace prepare for their first competitions of the season.

This competition had a much different feel than our usual Masquerade Competition. It was smaller, as I’ve mentioned, but it was more than that. There was an overall supportive vibe at this event. People were very positive. Everyone seemed to encourage each other, whether they knew each other or not. Several people that we didn’t know, came up to Grace and told her she did a great job. I was so surprised, because while I thought she did, I am also a bit biased, because I’m her mom. It was wonderful to hear that so many strangers thought so too.

There was plenty of room to run dances while waiting for their turn to take the stage.

Grace is typically a tapper, but this year, decided to push herself to do something different. She self-choreographed a Contemporary solo. She is also doing a Musical Theater solo, choreographed by our studio owner, Miss Maria. She was very excited to perform them for the first time.  Her goal has always been to get a platinum score on her solos at Masquerade. She has never quite reached that adjudication level with any solo at Masquerade competitions – Regionals or Nationals. She met that goal with one of her two solos. She got a Platinum score with her Contemporary solo, and High Gold on her Musical Theater.

An extra surprise that we found out about the day before, was that a few dancers from our previous studio in Wisconsin, Eau Claire School of Dance, were also at MN I with their solos and duets. We met up with them briefly, though, all were busy rehearsing and preparing for subsequent performances. It was fun to see old friends!

Lexi, Grace, and Zoe danced together at Eau Claire School of Dance 9 or so years ago!

Overall, MN I was a wonderful experience. I wished we had done this competition in years past. It was a great way to start her last season competing!




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