Playing Goldilocks

My husband, Jason, and I, recently went furniture shopping. Our adventures felt a little like we were right out of the famous story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

We had already looked online at HOM Furniture, so we knew we wanted to shop there. They had a lot of options that we liked, but we wanted to sit on them first.  While at the store, we started out by sitting on couches that were under $1000. We then decided not to look at the prices, and just sit on all of them. Once we found one we liked, we’d then look at the price tag.

Our new sofa and matching loveseat. They are more of a grey color than what shows here, but we love them!

The one thing neither of us wanted, were removable pillows on the back, so we didn’t try any of those. I sat on a couch I liked, and Jason would say it was too firm. Jason would find one he liked, and I’d think it was too soft. Another one Jason liked, but the back was so far away, that I felt like I was leaning waaay back in order for my back to touch. Finally, we found one we both liked! It was neither too hard, nor too soft, the distance to the back was just right. When we looked at the price tag, it was one of the less expensive sofas they had, and they had a loveseat to match. Actually, the salesman we talked to told us they have matching loveseats for pretty much any sofa on the floor, for just $20 less than the price of the sofa. We thought about it for a couple days, then ended up ordering it from their online store. When it was delivered, we were surprised to learn that they came with the decorative pillows too! 🙂

Our next stop (not the same day) was Mattress Firm. I had to laugh when the salesman there told us to play Goldilocks, and test out all the beds. I had already told Jason’s mom that it was like that’s what we were doing when shopping for our couch and loveseat.

They had their beds color coded by firmness. We only tried the middle ones, because we knew we wouldn’t agree on a soft or firm one. We ended up getting one that was comfortable for both of us. What we hadn’t planned on, was that we ended up getting an adjustable bed.

It may not be much to look at here, but this is one comfy bed!

As I was laying on the bed, the salesman had to check in with a different customer. Jason started playing with the remote for the bed I was laying on. He raised my head up just to mess with me. All the sudden, I was at the perfect height to read in bed, and I stated as much. He asked if I wanted to get that one. I didn’t say no. Mattress Firm delivered the new bed the day we moved into our new house. They put it together, right where we wanted it, and made sure it all worked before having me sign off on it. I’m not sure I have slept so well in quite a while!



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