Abstract Art

Tonight, I had conferences for my 6th grader, Michael. I thought I’d share a story I heard from his art teacher .

His teacher said she had to send Michael to the principal’s office the other day, but it wasn’t because he was in trouble…. of course, I was concerned… that is, until I heard the reason…

After lunch, Michael came to class with cheese in his hair. He went up to her, and said, “Look Miss Vadnais, I’m abstract art!” I couldn’t help but laugh at that!! It totally sounded like something he would do! In fact, I thought there was a chance he did it on purpose, since he loves to make people laugh. She said it looked like it had splattered, and she thought he might be trying to cover for a mistake at lunch…

The reason she had sent him to the office, was to get the cheese cleaned out. She said, “I couldn’t just let him walk around the rest of the day with cheese in his hair. That wouldn’t smell very good. But… I wasn’t going to let him clean it in MY sink!”

The whole situation made me laugh!! I was so worried about how conferences might go, I totally needed that!


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