Masquerade Regionals 2016

We are just over a week out from attending Masquerade Nationals in Burnsville, MN. I haven’t yet written about the last two regionals we attended….

Our prop dads get in on the fun, throwing beads to the audience during one of the breaks.

Our prop dads get in on the fun, throwing beads to the audience during one of the breaks.

Here are some notes I wrote shortly after the competition:

Always the favorite competition, this year was no exception. Once again, our teen and senior dancers from Lake Area Dance Center (LADC) competed at the Purple (Advanced) level. This makes for some very tough competition! The best of the best in the Cities always come to this competition: Woodbury Dance Center, Studio 4, and Spotlight Productions Dance Studio, to name a few… It made it really fun to watch!

They were ahead by about an hour. We were excited, because we thought awards would be early. Instead, there was a longer than usual break before awards. They also had one dance from each studio perform an encore. I loved that, even though it made the encore portion go long, and awards were still late into the night (on a school night). LADC’s dance that was chosen, was “J Lo”, their jazz line number. This dance gets better every time I see it!

Grace, Paige, and Morgan, ready for some tap. These girls have been dancing together for 5 years.

Grace, Paige, and Morgan, ready for some tap. These girls have been dancing together for 5 years.

I thought our dancers all did a great job! They scored gold on hip hop, platinum on tap, high gold on contemporary, high gold on open, platinum on line, and platinum on production. “Godfather”, the studio’s production dance, also got the first place in the Junior Gold Line Division (it competes at the gold level due to the number of recreation and intermediate level dancers in the dance), and an Audience Choice award.

One of the fun things about Masquerade is Audience Choice voting. Audience members can vote on their favorite dances in different categories through the app available for phones and tablets. There is a free version, but you have to pay for the options to see what dances are on stage, view the program, etc. This year, we were able to vote through the free version. I’m not sure the was the case in the past (at least, it didn’t work for me). I did purchase the full version, so I could spend some doing other things, and still be able to keep track of where things were at, so I wouldn’t miss our studio’s dances. In truth, I spent most of the in between time prepping for my preschool conferences, but that’s beside the point.

The Angels with their Best in Show trophy.

The Angels with their Best in Show trophy.

Overall, our studio did well. There were many dances in the top of the overalls, especially in the younger divisions, who largely compete at the Gold/intermediate or Green/recreational levels. Our petite rec. level hip hop group, “Spice Up Your Life”, got an audience choice for hip hop. They not only got called back for an encore, but won the big trophy! Congratulations Shawtys and instructor Suzie! At the Junior Level, the Best of Show (top scoring dance) when to the Angels’ lyrical dance, “See You Again”. Congratulations to those dancers, and instructor Mike! “Egypt”, Grace’s open dance, got an audience choice award for the open category.

Many dancers from our studio have a goal (dream?) to be invited to the Parade of Stars. This is a group of select dancers that stand out to the judges. Parade of Stars dancers are invited to participate in the opening number of the Finals at Nationals. Grace is one of those that hopes to be selected someday. This was not her year, but several in each age category from our studio were selected. Congratulations dancers!!”

We are looking forward to Nationals, coming up in just a week! 🙂




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