Legacy Dance Championships – 2016


The teens and seniors practicing their production routine.

Last weekend, Lake Area Dance Center participated in its first competition of the year – Legacy Dance Championships. We’ve done this competition before, but something seemed different this year. I’m not sure I can put my finger on what was different.

The competition was at the Ames Center, in Burnsville, MN. This site remains my favorite venue for competitions, though their prices at the concessions stand seem to get more outrageous each year! We are not allowed to bring in any food or beverages, but when they charge $3.50 for a bottle of pop or water, they certainly aren’t encouraging people to purchase things there. At least the relatively low cost of the programs, at $13 for a program and pen/highlighter combo, was reasonable.

Overall, our studio did very well:

*We had many soloists who placed in top places

*Soloists who were runner up for the Title of Miss Legacy at different levels. One of our dancers even took the title of Mini Miss Legacy!

*Most large group dances placed in the Top 10 for their divisions

*Sunday evening, Grace had all 6 of her dances. I was so excited to see them, since I’ve barely even seen any parts of them over the year. Their dances weren’t perfect, but overall, not bad for their first performance of the season. All her dances but one received a platinum score. I did not necessarily agree with the judges this time, and not in the way you would think. I won’t complain though…

*Large group dances took 3rd, 5th, and 8th places in the advanced teen division

*Hip Hop took 3rd in the advanced senior large group division

*Teen/Senior Line took 2nd

*Production took 2nd

*Instructor, Mike Dietz, got a choreography award

*Our studio received the Legacy Award for the Teen Senior Division. I was disappointed the dancers didn’t stick around for a group picture with the trophy!


Our seniors were the only groups in the Advanced Senior Division, so they took places 1-4.

Our seniors were the only groups in the Advanced Senior Division, so they took places 1-4.

Some down sides of this competition:

While I can’t pin point what made it feel so different this year (other than it felt much smaller), I did take some notes on things I didn’t like. Some of those things were:

*I feel like I complain about the volume at this competition every year. What I noticed, was that the music was turned up between dances, yet, when the dancers were on stage, the music was turned down. This caused a few mishaps.

*The ends of songs were often cut off. In one case, it was cut off mid-dance. During one solo, the dancer hadn’t even hit her end pose before the music was changed… Whoever was in control of the music should have waited until the dancers exited the stage before changing the song.

* This is no fault of the competition, but our 4 Advanced Senior groups were the only ones in their division. While it’s nice to say they took places 1-4, it would be more awesome if there was some competition!

*There was recognition called “Excellence in…” for each style of dance. The only thing is, there wasn’t just one jazz dance, or one lyrical dance. There were multiple dances in each category. I didn’t quite understand the point of this.

*Before the production dancers went on, they closed the balcony. That meant EVERYONE had to cram into the lower level before dances with 50-100 dancers each went on. It was packed!

*Also not a fault of the competition: people were SO RUDE about finding a seat in the middle of dances. When will people learn the common courtesy of waiting until a dance is over before getting up and leaving, or walking down a row to sit down??? Dances are no more than 3 minutes on average. I don’t understand the inability to respect the other people who are there to see their dancers.

  • My daughter’s hip hop dance has a funny/surprise ending. I didn’t get to see it due to people not only walking in front of me, but also apparently forgetting how to just sit down. When a family started walking in front of me just as their line dance was about to start, I could no longer keep my mouth shut. I asked them to please hurry, as my daughter was about to dance on stage. (Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not normally one to say something, but I was at the edge of my patience with this behavior… maybe I was a little stressed out due to having parent/teacher conferences the following week. I had spent the whole day prepping them in between dances…)

Anyway, to wrap up my post about this year’s Legacy competition, my overall opinion is: meh. If our owner wants to suggest trying a different competition next year besides this one, I will be all for it. It just wasn’t as much fun… it was smaller, the music/volume issues were annoying, and the energy/fun factor just didn’t seem to be there…

Til next time!




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. go4hockeychick
    Apr 07, 2016 @ 22:53:44

    Someone told me that they can not ban you from bringing a water bottle, per city code. Not sure if that’s dancers only, though.


  2. Sarah S.
    Apr 09, 2016 @ 08:26:43

    I think that is true… you can bring a water bottle, but that’s about it.


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