The Time I Got Punked by Fellow Cast Members

This past month, I was in the 70th Annual White Bear Lake Lion’s Club show. I played Lena, the bride in a show called “Ole and Lena’s Wedding.” It was loosely based on “Tony and Tina’s Wedding.”

During one of our rehearsals, on the day we call “Bloody Saturday” (because we run the show, eat lunch, run the show, eat dinner, and then do the show again), two of fellow cast mates, Jen and Dave, and I were talking. I wish I could remember what it was about, but I remember that I said it was a good idea. Jen suggested I use it in my speech.

“Uh… what? What speech?” I asked. Dave chimed in telling me that it was the Lion’s Club Show tradition that at the Bloody Saturday cast dinner, the leads give a speech. This was only my second year in the show, so I didn’t know better. Together, they asked if no one told me, that I might want to start thinking about it, etc….  I was starting to get nervous. I knew nothing about a speech, and had nothing prepared.

They asked Scott (who played the groom in the show) if he had his speech ready. He went along with it, and said “Oh yeah, you betcha.” I looked back at Jen, who as winking at Scott…. it was at this moment that I realized they were messing with me.

The fun and jokes about it continued… I was a good sport about it…

When we were at dinner, Paul, who was the Show Chair, stood up to give his speech. Just as he was about to stand up, I saw Dave lean over and whisper something to him. Oh boy… here it comes…

Paul gave his speech, as did Chuck, the other Show Chair. Then Paul stood up again and announced that I had a speech to give as well. I can’t believe Paul went along with it!!

I stood up and gave a thank you to Katie, a long time friend of mine, writer and co-director of the show… I then thanked Jen for punking me, and sat down (or something like that). I heard I was blushing quite a bit, even though I had a feeling it was coming. Becky, the other director was at my dinner table… she was very confused as to what was happening. I stood up and explained the shenanigans, and said that whoever takes the lead next year is screwed, because I just started a new tradition. 🙂

The whole show experience was pretty great, and I’ll write more later, I’m sure… this experience was one that stood out as an example of the fun we had. Now… to plot some paybacks for next year…


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