My 20 Year High School Reunion

Some of my dearest friends and I at the reunion.

Some of my dearest friends and I at the reunion.

How is it that 20 years have passed since 600+ plus students and I graduated from White Bear Lake High School??

Last night was our class reunion. I was both excited and nervous to go. While I have great memories of high school, there were also parts that were not so fun. There were people that were mean to me, or that I perceived as being mean to me. There were people that, to this day, still make me feel like I’m a 14 year old girl being teased for being chubby (which I was in 8th grade). It’s not that they ARE teasing me…. It’s not that they’ve teased me in 20+ years, but the way they made me feel back then, has just never completely gone away…. Why is it that those feelings come back so easily? I know I am not alone in this, as there were people that even yesterday, were not sure they were going to come. Luckily, many of them did come, and I was so happy to see them there. We conquered our fears! We showed up.

As an adult, I like to think that we have all moved on. We have all grown up, we have all matured. Many of us are parents, and a few are even grandparents! Some of us are at-home parents. Many of us have great jobs outside the home. Some of us make a lot of money. Some of us are doing what we love, regardless of how well it pays. In short, we are now living real life. It’s not high school anymore. The type of clothes we wear, the brand names we may or may not be able to afford, the music we listen to, or what our hobbies are… none of that matters anymore.

My husband and I went into White Bear Lake a bit early for dinner. Because we arrived so early (we wanted to beat the pre-reunion crown), we were done way early. We hung out in the beautiful courtyard downtown, and eventually, mosied on over to The Station, where the reunion was held. I didn’t want to arrive too early, but we were there, why not? At the beginning, there weren’t very many people there. Mostly a few of us Band Geeks.

Side note: I hope no one was offended by me referring to us as that… I mean it as a term of endearment. I have fully embraced that I was, and will always be, a Band Geek. Most of the people I was most looking forward to catching up with were fellow band members. We had some amazing experiences together in all our years playing together, going on band trips, and rallying the crowds in Pep Band.

The party was only scheduled until 10:30 p.m.  The time FLEW by, and before I knew it, it was past 11. I was able to catch up with several people. There were many people I saw across the room but didn’t get to talk to. There were people I would have loved to have chatted more with, but there wasn’t enough time, or I got sidetracked into another conversation…

The room was full, and loud, and hot, but it was all good! I was surprised at just how many people came to the reunion. Many people still tended to draw together in the same crowds they were with in high school. It makes sense, if that’s who they know and remember, that’s who they would want to catch up with!

Overall, what I saw when I looked around the room, were smiles. And hugs. Oh, so many hugs!! I am a hugger, so I was all for it!! I hope I didn’t make anyone uncomfortable by hugging them. It’s just my nature.

I only have two criticisms (or critiques, if you want to call it that). 1: The cost was a bit high. It cost $30 if you paid by July 1st. I, of course, was among the many who did not, so I had to pay $45/person. That included 2 drink tickets, and appetizers. There wasn’t a lot of variety in the appetizers. Fruit and veggies would have been a nice addition. It would have also been fun to have a DJ there. While it was quite loud with everyone talking, many people went out to bars together afterwards, anyway. Why not just have the event planned until midnight or later, and have a DJ there? When we went to my husband’s 20 year reunion, the cost was not as high, and it included a full dinner, and dancing the night away. It’s not that I’m a cheap skate (well, maybe a little bit), but I am also not the only person who thought the cost was a bit higher than it should have been for what was included.

2: It would have been awesome to have a photographer take a group picture yesterday! We have our huge panoramic from school, wouldn’t it have been fun to have everyone who came together in one more picture?

Overall, I was surprised just how much I enjoyed myself. After the reunion, a group of us walked over to the White Bear Legion for some karaoke. It was a great night across the board!

PS. Check out this inspirational blog post from one of my classmates about how she hated high school, but was going to come to the reunion anyway. I think she sums up very well what many of us felt going in to the event!





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