That Moment I Felt Famous (Almost)

Last weekend, we were at the Masquerade Dance competition. While I could spend a whole day writing about all the reasons I love Masquerade (and still will), I wanted to focus on one part of Sunday that was so much fun, and so bizarre!

After a LONG day, it was finally almost time for the awards ceremony. They were about an hour ahead, and decided to call moms up on stage. I have been to enough competitions, I knew they were going to do a dance off. It is usually done with dads, but since there had just been a huge Dad’s dance, they said it was the moms’ turns.

As soon as they asked for moms to come up, a bunch of the girls my daughter dances with turned around and told me I should go up. I hesitated. Not because I wouldn’t love to go onstage, but because I thought my daughter would be embarrassed.

She is 14 – this means every time I choose to be in her presence, she’s embarrassed by me. It’s ok, she often chooses to come hang out with me too, but it has to be on her time. I don’t get too offended… I know I was the same way at her age.

Our "lame" Dance Moms picture.

Our “lame” Dance Moms picture.

All weekend, whenever I wanted to take a picture or anything, she rolled her eyes at me. When I wanted to have a picture taken with the other dance moms, she thought it was lame… I did it anyway. I was afraid she might actually die if I went on stage and danced!

A few minutes went by, and a couple moms finally went on stage. They wanted at least one from each studio… eventually, every studio was represented, except Lake Area Dance Center (LADC). The girls were still trying to get me to go on stage, and I still hesitated. I figured, I am going to be in the recital this year, let another mom have a turn… none volunteered.

All the sudden, I hear my name being called over the PA. I asked the girls who said that, and they all said, “GRACE!” I said, “OK… if she asked for it…” I had to take off my socks that I had put on with my sandals, because I was freezing in the balcony. Then, I heard Miss Maria say my name… It took a while to get down to the stage, because I was in the top row of the balcony… by the time I got to the 2nd floor, it sounded like the entire auditorium was chanting my name. I can’t even explain what a bizarre feeling that is!!

I got down to stage level, and got a hug from Miss Maria! Finally, I was on stage, and the dance off began. The stage crew chose the moms to go on to round 2. I made it to the second round! It was so cool to see dancers from our studio in the wings, and in front of the stage, cheering me on!

Was trying to show my LADC spirit by holding up my jacket, but held it up backwards. DOH!

Was trying to show my LADC spirit by holding up my jacket, but held it up backwards. DOH!

Getting to round 3 proved much more difficult. It was audience choice. This pretty much meant, the biggest studios went on to round 3, because they had more voices to scream with. While I got some pretty loud cheers, I couldn’t compete with the larger studios. The decibels their voices created were almost deafening! I’m surprised no glass cracked anywhere! 😉

So, I didn’t make it to round 3, but I had fun in the process. My daughter wasn’t embarrassed, she was actually proud. WOW! Several dance moms thanked me for representing our studio. One mom said I’m officially designated to represent the LADC dance moms from now on. As long as my daughter doesn’t mind, I’m more than happy to represent!! 🙂


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