StarQuest 2014

007 (2)Now that Nationals is over, and my posts have been written, I should probably write about the last regional competition of the year, StarQuest. It was held at the RiverCentre in St. Paul, MN. This year, they had two stages. Rather than having them back-to-back like at Hall of Fame, the second stage was downstairs (a location I had no idea was even there). Many of the solos, duets, etc. were located down there. We went down to watch a few team mates perform. It was a really nice space! There were also more food options downstairs. Wish we’d have checked it out earlier in the week!

They seemed to be having some sound issues, especially downstairs. Many songs sounded very crackly (especially from our studio). Other songs seemed quieter than they should have. I saw at least 2 dances from our studio alone that had such poor sound quality, they asked the dancers to leave the stage, then tried again. One of these times was during the evening dance off (finals). We weren’t the only studio during which they had sound issues, but it seemed worse with ours for some reason.

This competition spread out over several days. I really wish these long competitions were not at venues we have to pay for parking every day. It makes for an expensive weekend. We had to be there on 3 different days this time. Thursday for Production, Saturday for small group, and Sunday for the other 3 dances. While StarQuest is always a fun time, I don’t love the awards ceremony there. It goes so fast, that it’s hard to follow along.

20140508_182909My favorite thing about StarQuest this year, was the Finals. They consisted of the top 20 soloists in each age division competing for the top solo spot. Three dancers from Lake Area Dance Center were in the Finals! This is the first time LADC has had one, let alone 3 soloists competing for the top spot! Olivia Johnson and Sage Neal both competed in the Juniors division. Madelyn Lee competed for the top spot in the Seniors division. Sage took 2nd overall, and Olivia took 1st overall! Amazing results for two amazing dancers! 🙂 Someone from StarQuest caught studio owner Maria’s response to finding out our two juniors took 1st and 2nd place. Watch her awesome response here.


I’ve been working on this post since mid-May (shortly after the competition was held). I think it’s time to wrap it up with the results. My notes of placements, etc. are all over the program due to not having those spaces to write in results. It’s frustrating when they don’t give you that space. Here they are:

038Senior Hip Hop – took 5th overall

Production – 1st place overall in Production

Company Tap – Explosive Energy Award,  Platinum (I do not have the overall placements on this age group)

Company Contemporary – Platinum

Company Jazz – High Gold

Squad (Pom) – HG

Sparkles Ballet – Concept Award, Costume Award, High Gold, 5th overall

Sparkles Jazz – High Gold

Sparkles Tap – Platinum, 4th overall

Sugarplums Jazz – High Gold

Sugarplums Tap – High Gold, 5th overall

Shawty’s (Hip Hop) – Great Expressions Award, High Gold, 3rd overall

Crew (Hip Hop) – Platinum, 3rd overall

Diamonds (Lyrical) – Platinum, 1st overall

Elites (Musical Theater) – Platinum, 2nd overall

Dynamites (Tap) – Platinum, 4th overall

Angels Contemporary – Platinum, 2nd overall

Angels Jazz – Platinum, 1st overall

Angels Tap – High Gold, 4th overall

Gems (Pom) – High Gold, 1st overall

Overall Choreography awards – LADC

I know I missed several small group and did not include any of the soloists here. I either did not get those results, or could not find the overalls for those divisions in my program. Overall, our studio did very well. We are very proud to be able to represent Lake Area Dance Center. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us! 🙂









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