6 Lessons Learned Spending the Day at the Dance Studio

group photo snow dayThe school district I work in was closed, but my kids’ district was open. Rather than sitting home, spending the entire day blogging, or wasting it playing video games, or watching Days of Our Lives and playing on the internet, I spent the day at the dance studio.

For the second day in a row, Lake Area Dance Center opened it’s doors to competitive dancers who were off school due to the extreme cold weather. Yesterday, virtually all the districts in the state were closed. A good majority of the competitive dancers were there to work on their dances, improve technique, and get to spend the day with dancers of all ages. My daughter was there, and loved it! I spent the day following behind groups of dancers, cleaning up after them. Of course they ate lunch on the floor right after I swept it! Of course the little ones pawed the entire mirror 5 minutes after I cleaned it! 😉

As I previously mentioned, my kids’ school district did not close today. In fact, I think they were one of the only schools in the state that didn’t. Many of the dancers who WERE off today went in for more studio practice. I went to do some projects that Miss Maria gave me. I learned some very important lessons today… in no particular order, they were:

1. I could never be a seamstress. I can’t even cut fabric straight!!

2. Working with material that has sequins on it is tricky. It’s hard to cut straight, and if you are trying to manipulate the fabric, you need to make sure the sequins in the bottom layers are not sticking up, or it will mess up what you are trying to do.

3. Hot glue is HOT! It’s been a long time since I’ve used it, but man! OUCH! I now have a small blister on my thumb from the hot glue…. I’ll just call it a battle wound!

4. There are actually  two settings on the hot glue gun. The cool setting is just as effective, and doesn’t burn. It also dries really fast!

5. There may be advantages for using hot glue over E-6000 for some projects. For example, if you are gluing things that are laminated, hot glue is much more effective; it dries faster, and doesn’t slide around as much in the process.

6. The perfect test to see if someone has ADD?? Have someone count out 180 rhinestones, over and over… if they mess up more than 2 times for one baggy, they should receive an automatic diagnosis! OK, that may be slightly exaggerating, but I think you get my point. This was a task that proved nearly impossible for me! I am apparently way too ADD, as I kept losing track of where I was… I tried making tally marks after 50, but got messed up around 30. Then, I tried tally marks after each 25, but would forget where I was…  My mind would start to wander, and pretty soon I’d be at 62 without having any idea if I was even counting in order (due to the fact that it looked like only about 30 rhinestones). I quickly gave up on this task, and left it to the high schooler who was helping out as well. I went on to work on other tasks that were more hands on, and didn’t involve counting! 😉

Bonus lesson learned yesterday: When dancers lean up against the mirror with their sweaty backs, you have to scrub twice as hard to get all the sweat off. Yes, even harder than you normally would need to when washing off the fingerprints of a group of 5 year olds! Yuck!


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