The 3 Day for the Cure – Day 2 2012

Saturday morning of The 3 Day started with someone in a neighboring tent having their alarm go off at 4:30 a.m. Let’s just say, I was less than thrilled about being woken up so early! I was able to fall back asleep for about another hour, but then I was up for the day. Camp closed at 7:30, so we had to have showered, eaten, and have doctored our blisters by then.

Here I am with my friend Ally and @3daymug at Pit 1.

The day was going pretty good until just before lunch. Kathi and I were trucking along, enjoying all the cheering stations, etc. Someone was giving out some nice cold Peppermint Patties, and I was craving chocolate. I ate one, and boy was it good. It seemed to make me burp a lot though. Shortly afterwards, I started to feel nauseous – REALLY nauseous. I was a little concerned that I might start throwing up, and that would mean getting pulled off the trail. That was the last thing I wanted. I stopped at a gas station to pee, hoping that the air conditioning would help. Unfortunately, it was not air conditioned, and I still felt sick. Kathi was a saint, and stopped for a rest with me. After a short break, we continued on. I still didn’t feel very good, but I was hoping lunch would help. Lucky for me, it did.

Kathi and I had some blisters we needed to get taken care of when we were done eating. I told the medical person that I had a blister I needed lanced. She joked and said I “sounded so medical.” I had to laugh. I told her I spent enough time in Medical last year, and I was determined not to repeat that experience! As we were sitting there having our feet worked on, it started to rain. It drizzled off an on the rest of the day.

Kathi and I at one of the many scenic areas along our walk.

The last several miles were rough. I was feeling ok physically, but I REALLY needed a port-a-potty. My team mate was struggling some, but she’s so awesome, she just kept going. At that point, I think we were mentally worn out. I was so exhausted, that I was having a hard time making my words come out right. That’s a bit shocking for me. I was eating and drinking plenty, so I don’t think I was dehydrated or anything… I think over 22 miles just wears your body out.

The people cheering us on, and the safety crew along the way were great in helping keep our spirits up. It was a little sad to see there were far less Safety Crew out this year than last year. Some of my favorites from last year were out again this year, and were incredibly helpful!

We finally made it back to camp. I was excited to find I only had one new blister, and the doctoring the medical crew did over lunch helped keep previous blisters from getting worse. After Kathi and I ate, she headed back to her hotel. I decided to actually watch the “camp show,” and was glad I did. There was an incredible Survivor Story, games, and the Youth Corp introduced themselves. Of all those kids up there on the stage, many moms, grandmas, 3 grandpas, and a couple of aunts were represented. Many of these women had survived their battles with breast cancer, but some of them (including the men represented) did not. It was such an emotional night.

Dancing after more than 22 miles!

At the end of the show, was the Saturday night dance. I thought they were crazy when they said people danced after day 2. Last year, my feet were in too rough of shape to dance. I was determined that this year, I was going to dance. Dance I did!! I was amazed at the amount of energy I found on the dance floor. I had no idea who I was dancing with… we were just a bunch of women enjoying a night of dancing (there were a few men on the dance floor, and all the Youth Corp too). I left the dance floor a bit early, and went to take a shower before the mass of dancers created long lines at the shower trailers. Then I went back to the charging station to get my phone. After chatting with Mandie and the Memphis ladies, I went to bed. One more short day ahead!!

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