Double Day!

Today was a great day for my fundraising for The 3 Day! I started the day out with $205 in donations, and ended the day at over double that amount – $465.

Last weekend, I had a garage sale. My intent was that 30% of my sales would go towards my goal of raising $2500 for the Susan G Komen 3 Day for the Cure. Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided Thursday would have terrible storms, and Saturday would rain most of the day. Soggy, wet, and humid days (Friday) do not make for awesome garage sale days. Sales were not nearly what I had hoped, but I did get rid of some larger items, and had $60 to put towards the 3 Day.

This morning, I entered the $60 into my 3 Day site, and realized I was still only at about 10% of my goal. There are also only 10 weeks left until we walk 60 miles. I tweeted out where I was at, and asked for donations. I received another $200 in donations today! Thank you to all of my generous donors!

I am still a ways away from my goal, but every donation counts! If you’d like to donate to help find a cure for breast cancer, please visit my Donation Page, and click on “donate” in the upper left corner.


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