StarQuest Dance Competition – 2012

The last competition of the year for the Lake Area Dancers, was StarQuest at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium. The day was off to a decent start, until we got there. One of the older girls from the studio broke her arm (while on stage – ouch). The girls were all worried about her. Grace was quite emotional the rest of the day. She was a bit difficult to deal with. I think it was likely a glimpse into what the next several years will hold – ugh!

Anyway, on to the details of the competition itself.

The Venue

We have been to other competitions at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium. Both times, it was for Hall of Fame. For this competition, there was only one stage. That was a-ok with us. The area where the 2nd stage had been in past competitions was turned into one giant dressing area. The area where the stage was, wasn’t as dark as we have seen in the past. This was kind of nice when walking along the sides where concessions were. Seating doesn’t change much; chairs on the floor level, balcony up top. The balcony was definitely the place to be.

The Energy

The energy level didn’t seem as high here. Maybe it was because my daughter was so crabby, as was her brother. Naturally, this made me a bit crabby. Maybe that’s why the energy levels seemed lower… I don’t know. They had fun music between dances, playing videos of old songs (think Ice, Ice, Baby), etc. They had all the ingredients of a great atmosphere, I think it was more the moods of the people around me (and myself) that made it a less-than-fun day. It did seem like many of the dancers were a bit low on the energy scale too though…

The awards ceremony was incredibly fast, making it hard to cheer much for the groups we wanted to cheer for. They could have slowed it down – just a little!

The Schedule

While I didn’t have any notes on the subject, I do feel like there were a couple of numbers out of order, but that they did a pretty good job of staying on track with the printed schedule.

The Competition

There were a lot of studios we had seen before at competitions this year; especially at Legacy. It was fun to see the improvement in some of the dances we saw for the first time just over a month ago. More practice = better dancing. There were some VERY good dances!

The Judging

The judges were tough at this competition! They were not just giving out platinum awards. The dancers had to work hard to earn them. This competition also had an extra high level, called platinum plus. I didn’t realize this until after the awards ceremony. I thought I was just mis-hearing (remember the whole super fast thing?)

The Lake Area (LADC) Angels earned High Gold for lyrical and jazz, and Platinum for tap. Unfortunately, their platinum was still not high enough to score in the top 5, but they did an excellent job. I am very proud of how far they’ve come since September!


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