The Competition That Almost Wasn’t

Last weekend, we went to our 3rd dance competition of the season . I was almost afraid that Grace wasn’t going to make it to this one!

She said she didn’t feel good Friday night, but I thought it was just her allergies kicking her butt, so I sent her to dance class. This is always a bad time of year for her allergies. When she woke up Saturday morning at 5:30 in the morning crying that she had a sore throat, I knew it wasn’t just her allergies. I sent a message to her dance instructor, who told me to take her in. I’m glad I did! She ended up having strep throat.

Positive strep test the day of competition – what to do? Grace didn’t want to let her team down. This was the competition she’d been waiting for! It was her favorite from last year, and she really wanted to win “that big purple trophy.” I sent a text message to Miss Maria, saying that she did, indeed, have strep. We all agreed (me, Maria, and Grace) that “the show must go on.” While she certainly didn’t want to get anyone sick, she’d already exposed everyone in her class the night before at ballet. Ugh – it was a tough call to make.

Grace took her first dose of medicine right away, took a bath when we got home, and laid low until it was time to get ready to go. She took some Tylenol, and then, an hour before her first dance, she took ibuprofin. Every two hours, she alternated between the two; you’d have never known she was sick. I tried to keep her away from everyone except when she was dancing, but when you get a bunch of girls together, there’s no keeping them apart. I just made sure the parents and girls knew she had strep. The girls were saying things like “Who cares if she has strep” and “my best friend’s brother has strep all the time – no big deal.” It’s nice to see them really bonding more and more with each competition!

I made sure Grace ate just enough food to keep her energy up, without upsetting her stomach (which always gets sensitive with antibiotics). I also made sure she drank lots of water, and a Vitamin Water with electrolytes. I knew the hydration was going to be the key to keeping her feeling ok.

She danced like a star – big smiles, lots of energy. She slipped once, and looked a bit shaky on another dance, but overall, I couldn’t have been more proud of her. She really pulled herself together when it counted, and not just for selfish reasons, but she really didn’t want to let everyone else down.

All results aside, it was a very successful day for Grace and her group!

To find out what the results were, you will have to read my next post where I also review the competition as a whole.


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