Sleepover Fun?

My daughter is turning 11 years old. She wanted to have a sleepover birthday party. Her original list included 5 girls. I said OK. Then, she suddenly had 6 on her list. By the time she made out her invitations, the list had grown to 8. One girl couldn’t sleep over, so she asked if she could invite someone else instead. I said no, 7 girls was enough (besides, the other girl was still coming and wasn’t leaving until 10).

Why I didn’t consult with my mom before the craziness of this event, I don’t know. Not two hours in to the party, one girl was crying, because after trying to take charge for a couple hours, another girl told her off. After that, they all gathered around the crying girl, said sorry, and carried on. Things were fine after that. They did makeovers, put on fake nails, somehow roped me into painted said nails…

My 6 year old couldn’t leave the girls alone. One of them kept yelling at him to leave them alone, while 2 of the girls thought he was cute (in that little kid sort of way), and kept wanting him to play with them. A couple of the girls played in a different room, while most of the girls were wrapped up in their nails. There were 3 obvious different groups here, and it was interesting how different they all were.

The volume 8 girls can create rivaled that of a football stadium. They were giggling, squealing, shrieking, and occasionally, all out screaming. There were spats (especially between 2 of the girls). There were tears. Mostly, there was lots of laughing, singing, and trying to talk over each other. I have no idea how my husband survived! I know my ears were ringing, and my patience for the drama ran thin by the end of the night.

As it approached 10:00, I had them start a movie in attempts to wind down. They had wanted to watch the Big Time Rush movie which I had DVR’d for them. This only seemed to rev them up more. At some point, they started calming down. Probably around 10:30, when we made the two teenage boys (who sleep downstairs where all the girls were) go to bed. At 11:30, I went down to check on them, they were pretty calm. I reminded them that they should start trying to fall asleep. I went down again at 12, 2 girls were up, a couple were right on the edge of sleep and awake, but I figured they’d be out in no time. At 12:30, I went to check on them, 3 girls were up and chatting. One of them was my daughter – the one who barely made it for New Year’s Eve. By 1:00, I had to get a little more stern. I told them to finish up their episode of Dance Moms, and turn off the TV. I needed to get some sleep too. By this time 4 girls were awake. They were, apparently, trying to keep each other all up. At 1:30, I gave up and went to bed.

The next day, there were 7 tired and mildly crabby girls up by 8:00 a.m. (that WAS taking into account the spring ahead time change). I felt half-dead. All the coffee I drank didn’t even kind of help. As soon as the last girl left, I went straight down for a nap. Shortly after, so did my 2 kids. Grace woke up from her nap still crabby, but dance class helped that some. Yep, I’m a mean mom, I made her go to dance after a sleep over.

When we talked about it later, Grace said to me, “Mom, I don’t think I’ll ever have that many girls over for a sleep over again!” Even she was overwhelmed by the noise and the drama between 2 of the girls. She had a lot of fun, but it was a bit much for her. I’m glad she learned her lesson. In case I ever think I will let her have a large sleep over again, point me back to this post.


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