Get Hawt – Week 8

This week, we were to blog about things we love. I love my family, I love my job, I love my water cup, I love dance, I love music, I love nature, I love to sleep… OK, that’s a lot of randomness, what do any of those things have to do with Get Hawt? Well, I can combine things that I love, in order to feel better in my own skin.

I combine my love of music with my love of nature. I crank up my MP3 player while I walk outdoors (or sometimes on the treadmill if it’s cold). Combining things you love to help yourself feel better (emotionally and physically) is a great idea. Try it!

I am feeling better in general now that I am drinking more water. I have more energy. I can’t explain it. My body feels less sluggish. I am sleeping better (slightly) now that I’m not drinking caffeine so late in the day. Keeping my designated water cup full of ice and water has been very helpful.

So, what did I do to make myself feel better this week??

Saturday: I babysat a 2 1/2 year old all day. I think running around qualifies as my workout for the day. 😉

Sunday: I had to take Jason to the airport early in the morning. When I got back , I was so tired, I spent the morning in bed until it was time to take Grace to her dance pictures. We were there much later than expected, so I ended up picking up Culver’s for dinner. Not exactly a healthy choice, but it worked in a pinch. On the occasion I eat meals like that, I prefer to ignore the greasy fries, and focus on the protein from the burger. 🙂

Monday: I worked all day, but I did 10 knee pushups in a row with no breaks. That’s the most I’ve been able to do in a row! I also did 150 crunches with my legs in all different positions ( I call it the “dance way”). One leg up, then the other, ankles crossed, knees up but bent, etc…

Tuesday: I went to the gym. I wanted to try something new. All the elliptical machines were taken, so I tried the stationary bike. The seat was uncomfortable, and I kept slipping. After only a mile (which goes so much more quickly on a bike), I decided to switch back to the treadmill. Michael was in the gym with the children’s program. I found a treadmill that overlooked the gym. When he saw me, he kept blowing kisses at me, and saying hello. During the treadmill walk, I decided to try to run a bit. I ran about a tenth of a mile, and had to go back to walking. At . 8 miles, I was determined to run again until I hit a mile. It was tough, but I muscled through. Who knew .2 miles could be so hard??

Wednesday: Snow day. I shoveled several inches of wet, heavy snow for about 45 minutes. I’d say that was enough!

Thursday: We had a fairly nice day outside, and the kids were home. We decided to take a walk with the dog. We walked about a mile and a half. I have some mild shin splints – I’m not sure if it was from the bit of running I did the other night, or if it was from walking in my boots on the snow yesterday.

Friday: I did house-cleaning most of the day, and watched 2 kids in addition to my own. Tonight, I did 30 pushups (on my knees), and 194 crunches. Getting close! That short time in between reps makes such a difference!

Miles walked this week: 2.6 miles
Miles walked in the month of February: 11.3 (sad)


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