Get Hawt – Week 7 Round-up

This week, we got all our excuses out in the open. I figured once we talked about what was holding us back, we could move past those things.

Let’s see what our Get Hawt members had to say about the topic.

First up, Stacia Misner (@GeekGirlGroks) who had a great week. She’s down a pound, and is in a weight range she hasn’t seen in 20 years.

Next is my partner Jen McCown (@MidnightDBA). Her list of obstacles includes a love of carbohydrates, easy access to less than good-for-you foods, and a general laziness about exercising (her words, not mine). She is vowing to hit the exercise hard and eat right while in Seattle this week.

Denis Gobo (@DenisGobo) is working on building up to the 5 minute plank. He had some deadlines at work that took up most of his time, but now he’s working on building core strength through holding the plank position.

Lauren Long (@LSquared83) has no excuses. Her week has gone great, as she is getting back into the swing of training. She signed up for a 10K, and is getting ready to meet her goal.

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