Get Hawt – Week 7 Invitation

Time seems to be slipping by quickly. We’ve already been at this 7 weeks?!?

Last week, we talked about substitutions. This week, let’s talk about obstacles. Time to be bitterly honest – with yourself. What are you letting get in your way of eating right, exercising, etc? We know there are some legitimate obstacles, and there are excuses. Let’s just get them all out in the open, so we can move past them.

We are all here to support each other, we’re not going to judge. It’s likely, many of our posts will sound the same. That said, let’s just do it! Like Jen said in her post “This week, let’s get back on the horse. Walk, work out, eat well and remember how good it makes you feel. Blog and be honest…share your week, and be fine with rebalancing.”

Ready? GO!

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