Get Hawt – Week 5

This week, we asked our Get Hawt crew to blog about what’s going well for them, or what they’re feeling good about.

I had an off week, but I neither lost nor gained weight. I’m ok with that. I’ve quit obsessing over every pound up or down. It’s like a virtual weight has been lifted. I’ve had a tiny loss overall, and my clothes seem to be fitting a tad bit better (with less over-hang). That’s what really counts.

I’m feeling good about getting some miles in, and drinking lots of water. I have a designated water cup that I keep filling with ice and water, water and ice. I drink more that way.

My designated water cup.

I’m still using my Noom Weight Loss Coach app to log weight and any amount of exercise I do. It puts a little icon on my status bar on my phone. I like seeing something there each day. It’s like a mini-kick in the butt. In addition to my phone app, I’m loving having my accountability partner, Jen (@midnightDBA). She’s been great at motivating me, and also giving me someone to vent to about what’s not working.

Here’s my info on the week:

Saturday: I was so sore from the night before’s workout. I did get out and walk 1.5 miles though. I wish I had headed out earlier in the day, I would have gone further. By the time I went out to walk with the dog, the sun was getting ready to set. The temps felt a lot colder than earlier in the day.

Sunday: 16 pushups. OUCH!!! My left shoulder really hurts, and my elbows kept popping. According to the twitterverse, I’m using too much shoulder muscle, not enough core, and I need to work on keeping my elbows close to my side. 120 crunches with legs in all different positions. I can definitely feel the muscles at work! Also, did 20 leg raises to work those lower ab muscles.

Monday: I had to take advantage of a gorgeous February day in Minnesota. With temps in the 40’s, I couldn’t not walk outside today. I walked about 1.5 miles with a co-worker in between our afternoon and evening classes.

Tuesday: I went to the gym where my plan was to walk on the treadmill, doing intervals for 60 minutes with a minimum incline of 3, maximum of 18. I had the treadmill set at a speed of 3.3 MPH. After 35 – 40 minutes, I noticed it was feeling harder than it should have. The graph on the treadmill showed it was at its lowest point, incline was supposedly 3.0. My thighs were at the height my waist usually was. I had to pause the treadmill for a minute. Then, I kept on going. I had hoped it would sort of reset itself on the next set of intervals. It was going up some, but not down at all. Finally, I tried manually lowering the incline, it still didn’t go down. I got it to where it said -3.0, but was still at what looked to be a 45 degree angle. I tried to keep going, but had to hit the cool button somewhere between 5-10 minutes early. I was struggling to catch my breath, and my legs HURT! I was sweating like crazy. Gross. Even on the cool down mode, it didn’t lower. I had to stop early, because walking uphill slowly is still walking uphill, and was pooped! According to the treadmill, I did manage to get in about 3.2 miles. I was disappointed, because I had planned on spending some time doing an upper body workout on machines, but I really had no energy left.

I did pushups tonight, and did about 13 (or maybe 17 – I forgot if I did the 2nd set of 4 or not). The pushups have been rough for me. My shoulder/neck injury from my car accident 4 years ago seem to be flaring up. On Sunday, I could actually feel the inflammation in my shoulder. What’s strange to me, is that it’s the opposite one that has given me trouble over the years. I think my neck is in bad enough shape that it’s affecting the whole area.

Wednesday – Friday: I have been dealing with some pretty bad back pain and some neck tension the past few days, so I took a few days off from the workout regimen. I did focus on drinking lots of water, but still felt blah. On the upside, I have neither lost nor gained any weight.

Total miles walked this week: 6.2 miles


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