Get Hawt, Week 3 Round-up

This week, we were asked to write about what tools we use to help us in our goals to Get Hawt. Some people said in previous posts that they were tracking their food, and we’ve seen apps such as Runmeter being used on twitter, but it’s nice to know what people are using and/or what they’ve tried that they didn’t care for.

I’ll start by summarizing my partner’s post from the week. Jen McCown (@MidnightDBA) is using her fabulous graphing tool, logs her weight and food intake at, and is using to track mileage. She has started using 2 programs by the same company – 200 Situps, and 100 pushups. She is also using twitter to complain, get help and get kicked in the butt (oh, and to do the same to me). She is sick of the weight going up and down by 5 lbs. Read the rest of what she has to say here.

Wendy Pastrick (@wendy_dance) had one of those weeks that we all hate to blog about. Halfway through the week, she found her motivation, and got to the gym twice. She’s using the myfitnesspal app to log her activity.

Next up, Stacia Misner (@StaciaMisner). Stacia is in China right now. While she has been doing a ton of walking, and trying not to overeat, she has seen a frustrating weight gain. She didn’t quite get in her water consumption, and is working to do better there. She is using MyNetDiary to track her food. In the past she has also used Weight Watchers.

Yanni Robel (@yannirobel) is quickly becoming known as the mountain climbing, marathon (half and full) running, cancer survivor. In fact, she is running the Tinkerbell Half Marathon at Disneyland as I type this round-up. She is highly goal orientated, and takes the idea behind Get Hawt to the extreme. She tweets out what her goals are, and looks forward to the twitterverse to kick her in the behind when she “just doesn’t wanna” go. She uses the RunMeter app, along with Daily Miles. She used to track her food, but no longer does.

Our first guy of the week, Tracy McKibben (@RealSQLGuy) (a fellow Minnesotan) has been braving the bitter cold to get some walking in. He and his wife, Missy, are working together to get in shape. They are using the Runkeeper app on his phone to keep track of their progress. In addition to walking, they are using Their Wii Fit to track their weight. Tracy also says the blog and public accountability are going to be a great help in keeping them motivated.

Kathi Kellenberger (@auntkathi) has not yet begun blogging her progress, but she is working towards her goals. Her progress is found in the comments sections. She has walked a whopping 84 miles this month! WOW! She has lost 2 lbs. Kathi is using the Livescape app for her Windows 7 phone. She says she can track everything there. She also has a spreadsheet in Livescape she’s using to keep track of all her miles.

Tamera Clark (@TameraClark) kicked in this week with a whole list of tools she uses. She started out by showing us some correct portion sizes. She also told us about the Kinect and EA Sports 2 that she’s using for workouts. She also has a treadmill, FitBit, and Nutrition Data site. She wrapped up her post with some tips she has learned along the way.

Tim Mitchell (@Tim_Mitchell), is working toward losing 40 lbs by the time he turns 40. So far, he is making good progress. This next week, he is kicking up his routine into high gear. He’s going to be using his treadmill and meal replacement shakes to help him.

Finally, I am using the Noom app on my phone. It’s helping me to keep track of my exercise. I’m starting to feel like I am making some progress.

If I forgot anyone, please don’t forget to link back to the invitation for the week, and/or post your link on twitter with the hashtag #gethawt. We want to include everyone who is working hard at achieving fitness and/or weight loss goals.

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  1. Tracy McKibben
    Jan 29, 2012 @ 12:39:39

    GO TEAM!!!!


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