Get Hawt – Week 3 Invitation

This week, your Get Hawt Challenge is simple. In addition to writing about what you’ve been doing to work towards your goal this week, we’d also like to know a bit about the tools you are using.

Tools? What are you talking about? Here’s an example: I have been using Jen’s super awesome weight loss graph she made. It was so nice of her to share. Every day after I weigh myself, I enter the number into the spreadsheet. My progress, or lack thereof, shows up on my graph. While it seems to really jump up and down, it’s nice to see I’m staying inside my “zone.”

Watch twitter for one day, and you will see posts such as “@XYZ just started a run with RunMeter.” There are many apps that post such things, some even read back people’s tweets to cheer you on. We know people are also using watches or other sort of GPS devices, calorie counters, heart monitors, etc. Whatever you are using to help you with your goals to Get Hawt, we want to know about them. Oh, and if you have tried some that you didn’t like, we want to hear about those too!

Maybe you have some tricks up your sleeve in the kitchen, tell us about ’em!

Even if you haven’t been a part of our blog party yet, you can still join. Anyone, any time! This blog party (FAQ here) is open to men, women, chickens, rockstars, spouses, and more. Anyone who wants to eat better, get in better shape, train for a big event, or otherwise improve the way they look and feel, can join us. The idea is to just do it! We, as a group, want to not only encourage each other, but also help hold each other accountable. My awesome partner in this is Jen McCown (@MidnightDBA). She kicks my butt every couple days for being lazy. It helps! Having a partner to keep in touch with daily might be that little difference you need.

Please link back to this post via comments or pingback to be included in the roundup. You can also post it to twitter with #gethawt as part of the posting.

9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tracy McKibben (RealSQLGuy)
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 09:05:02

    I’ll be joining the fun, but not until later today. Need to start a seperate blog for this stuff, which I’ll link to later this afternoon.


  2. weowls
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 09:34:36

    FYI the Week 2 Roundup is up, for anyone who’s interested in the way we roll.


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  4. Tracy McKibben
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 19:14:26

    Ok, I said I was going to jump in. I’m jumping in…


  5. Yanni Robel
    Jan 24, 2012 @ 00:50:55

    Here’s mine. I miss the first two, but recap them all in one post 🙂


  6. kathikellenberger
    Jan 24, 2012 @ 18:08:40

    So, I haven’t had time to do a blog, but I am making progress! Week one, I was too afraid to step on the scale. Week two I recorded my weight, and this morning I am 2 pounds down from last week.

    I am using the Livescape application for Windows phone 7. I can record everything I eat, exercise, and lots of other things. I have done a good job of keeping track of my food since Jan 12. I also like to use my GPS watch when I am out walking. I know that I could use an app on my phone, but the GPS watch is handier, especially when I am walking dogs.

    I also have a spreadsheet in Skydrive in the Microsoft cloud to keep track of miles I walk or run. I love having the spreadsheet where I can get to it from my phone or laptop. I am up to 84 miles this month so far.


  7. wendypastrick
    Jan 25, 2012 @ 22:25:57

    I finally got around to ‘finding’ my other blog (really need to consolidate…one on wordpress, the other on blogspot…sigh).

    So, I blogged about ‘tools’ last week! LOL

    Smiles! Wendy


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