2011 Revisited

Last night, our recently expanded family of 7 (8 if you count the dog), celebrated the coming of a new year. While the 10 year old struggled to stay awake, we all watched a movie together. We then watched the Dick Clark Rockin’ New Year’s Eve as it was re-broadcast. We introduced the kids to the American tradition of watching the ball drop. I’m not so sure they thought it was too cool, but they did think it was pretty cool to get to stay up until midnight!

I think we are all ready to put 2011 behind us, and move forward to a (hopefully) calmer, less eventful year. In 2011 I:

*completed the necessary coursework to renew my MN Teaching License, then renewed said license.

*taught Junior Achievement to 3rd graders

*played hairdresser, makeup artist, and Dancem0m for 3 competitions and 2 dance recitals

*performed an awesome hip hop dance with 3 others in said dance recitals.

*moved from WI to MN

*trained to walk the 3 Day for the Cure (walking up to 10 miles some days)

*got married

*became step-mom to 3 boys

*walked the Susan G Komen 3 Day for the Cure with some great people (including 2 cancer survivors)

*Got re-hired to teach School Readiness Preschool in the Anoka-Hennepin School District. I am working 2 days a week with 2 classes of 3-4 year olds during the day, and one class of 4-5 year olds at night.

*moved from house A in MN to house B – a much larger and nicer house to accommodate our whole family, and right next to the town I grew up in.

*spent a week in Seattle at the PASS Summit with my husband (where I met a lot of twitter “friends” in person, drank a lot of coffee, spent a lot of time at a karaoke bar, and volunteered during the days).

*went on my first cruise (a Disney Cruise) and to Disney World with my husband (part 2 of our honeymoon).

*my kids started new schools.

*Grace started at a new dance studio, where she is on the Angels competition line. She will be competing in lyrical, tap, and jazz at 4 competitions and one national this year.

*Michael started karate, where he has already obtained the level of green belt (a feat that I did not accomplish in my 4 or so years of taking kung fu on and off).

I’m sure there are so many more things that happened this year. I’m too exhausted after thinking about our crazy year to think of what else might have happened… Here’s to hoping this year calms down some!!


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