It’s a Small World

Many times in the past couple of years, I have run into situations where I said “huh – small world”! Following are some examples.

The first one I can recall, took place a little over 2 years ago. I had been spending quite a bit of time talking to my husband (@StrateSQL) on facebook. We were not yet dating, just rekindling an old friendship. One day, I got a direct message from this guy Eric (@sir_zman), who I went to high school with, asking how I knew Jason. When I wanted to respond that he was my boyfriend, but couldn’t because it wasn’t yet true, it made me think maybe it should be. Anyway, Eric knew Jason through the SQL Community. Last month, I saw Eric at the SQL Saturday event I was helping at. It was pretty cool. Always nice to reconnect with people in a non-high school reunion setting. Those can be a bit uncomfortable.

A few months’ back, this woman who I followed on Twitter sent me a DM. She asked me if I had worked at a certain preschool back in 1999-2000ish. I said yes. It was then I noticed she had changed her twitter handle from @SQLDevGAL, to her real name (@DianeMcNurlan). I realized about as quickly as her next message, that her daughter was in the first classroom which I was an Assistant Preschool Teacher in. She then sent me a picture she had recently come across of me from back then. What’s a bit weird about the whole thing, is that I started following her as a member of the SQL Community. She now lives in CA. There’s no way I would have made that connection had she not found that picture and realized it was me.

The next connection came a couple months ago, when Jason and I went to Lifetime Fitness to add me and the kids to his membership. I got there a bit before Jason did, and started chatting with the Membership Coordinator, Russ. He looked so familiar, but I couldn’t quite place him. Then it occurred to me, I used to play cards with him and a group of other people at the Community College I attended. We’d all play for hours (we may or may not have played right through classes some days).

The chance meeting with Russ brought together an even more bizarre connection. Probably a year or more ago, I noticed that a few of my facebook friends from high school were replying to a friend of my ex-husband’s. Said friend of the ex, Kevin, and I had remained facebook friends. I asked him how he knew Angela. His answer, he knew her from college in Duluth, MN. OK, fair enough. Then I asked him how he knew this other guy, Kelly. They apparently used to be roommates.

Somehow, in seeing Russ at Lifetime, we figured out that he also used to be roomates with both Kevin and Kelly. It doesn’t surprise me too much that Russ and Kelly used to live together, as they were both part of the card group. What I couldn’t quite connect is how Kevin ended up friends with the other two. They had met Kevin through another friend that had passed away a few years back in a snowmobile accident; also a member of our card group. It was sad to hear that the other guy had passed away; he had been a nice guy. 😦

A more recent small world chance meeting, came at karate and dance class. I run into people there from high school, etc all the time, since it’s in the town I grew up in. The very first day, I ran into my old gym teacher. Anyway, I was at karate with Michael one night, and started talking to one of the moms (who was also a Dance Mom). This woman, Linda, also works at the dance studio. The more I’ve talked to her, and gotten to know her, the more random connections we’ve made. One such connection – her brother-in-law graduated with me. Another? Said brother-in-law was married to the cousin of someone I went to high school with (who’s daughter is in my daughter’s dance class).

The most recent small world connection actually started last year. While at a dance competition last year, I started talking with a Mom from Lake Area Dance (the studio my daughter currently attends). I asked that mom a ton of questions, and she had nothing but good things to say about the studio. My conversation with her was a large factor in choosing that studio. I digress… I have been trying to figure out who it was I had talked to last Spring. A few weeks back, we finally made the connection. In talking more with this mom, I realized that her son was in the grade behind me in school. While we weren’t really friends per se, we had a lot of friends in common, and were sometimes found in the same location. He was a really nice guy. His “little sister” is only a few years older than Grace, and has ballet with her.

So, why the heck did I bother to write this post? I don’t know… One of those “there have been so many random connections, it seemed worth writing down” moments, I guess. The older I get, the smaller the world actually seems.


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