I’m a Big Sister!

How can this be?? I’m a Big Sister!?! My not-so-little brother might read this and say “Duh!” Um, Jason, (yes, my brother’s name is Jason too), that’s not what I mean. I’m talking about the First Timers’ program for the PASS Summit!

You might be asking yourself how the heck I am qualified to be a Big Sister. The honest answer is, I’m not, exactly. I’m not a SQL person, I’ve never been to PASS Summit. I am however, married to Jason Strate (blog|@StrateSQL). He knows a thing or two about the PASS Summit – he’s been to 4. We are sharing the Big Brother/Big Sister role for our group. My portion of our list gets a two for one deal! I’ve been to enough SQL Saturdays that I know people in the SQL Community. That sounded cocky, not what I intended, but you get what I mean. I also spend a decent amount of time on twitter, mostly chatting with SQL Community members. Though I have not met some of them in person yet, I intend to meet most of them in Seattle. Heck, some avid tweeters, feels like we’ve known each other forever! I can introduce members of our group to some of the SQL Saturday and twitter “regulars.”

Besides being a Big Sister, during the Summit, I will be volunteering with Karla Landrum (@Karlakay22), from PASS. I’m not exactly sure what all she’s going to have me doing, but I know it will be fun!

I’m looking forward to spending the week with a great community that has adopted me in as an “honorary member.”


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