Our Crazy New Schedule

When Grace started dancing competition in WI last year, I was a bit concerned about how many hours she had to dance on her one night a week that she had class. I didn’t know if she’d be able to handle the long night, followed by a later-than-normal bedtime. Little did I know, that by comparison, her new dance life was NOTHING! Sure it took some adjustment, but…

When I was talking to a Mom from Lake Area Dance last year at Masquerade, she was telling me how some local studios had their girls (yes, I know, there are a few boys too) dancing 5 nights a week. WOW! Fast forward to today, Grace is now a Lake Area Angel. She’s dancing 4 nights a week for about 2 1/2 hours each night (except Sundays, when she only has an hour and 15 minute class). It’s a huge time commitment for all of us. Grace’s life now consists of coming home from school, doing as much homework as she can, scarfing down some supper, heading to dance, coming home, and going to bed (or finishing homework if she didn’t get it done before). It seems a bit much for a 5th grader, but she loves it, and has already improved in her flexibility and technique a ton!

As if driving her back and forth to/from dance isn’t enough, I was smart enough to sign Michael up for karate. He’s been wanting to go for so long, I figured 1st grade is as good a time as any to have him start. He tends to be a bit… um…. hyper. Maybe this will calm him down a bit.

Here’s the good news on karate, the dojo is two doors down from dance, and classes are during Grace’s dance times. Score on that front! He can go as often as he wants (though there are set times to choose from). He’s been there 3 times. Already, he’s shown improved discipline (though, I can tell he’s trying with all he’s got). Last time he was at karate, the teachers even noticed his efforts, and gave him his white belt. This was huge for him! At Forte’s Karate, where he goes, they start out with no belt. They earn their white belt, then 3 black stripes. After that, they can graduate to their gold belt. Michael’s loving it as much as Grace loves dance. I suspect he’ll be working hard to get to that next level!

Where does that leave our schedule? Well, Between dance/karate schedules, and me working 2 nights a week, our schedule is crazy busy. Bedtimes have become later, and we’re all still adjusting.


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