More SQL Community Awesomeness

I have written before about how great the SQL Community is. You can read about it here . Well… my stats from my 3 Day donations show yet another way The Community is awesome. 56% of all the people that donated to my fundraising efforts are part of the SQL Community (including 3 businesses: Microsoft, Kimberly-Clark, and Reader’s Digest who matched their employee’s contributions). Their donations made up 57% of my total. With all the tweeting and re-tweeting of my donation page, the encouragement through comments on my blog, twitter, and facebook, the support felt like 90% (though the actual number is still impressive). Special thanks to Jason Strate (@StrateSQL), Jes Borland (@grrl_geek), Robert Davis (@SQLSoldier), and Kevin Conan (@ConanTheCdn) who all sent out calls to donate to this great cause on my behalf. If you also did, and I missed you, I apologize, because I think there were more.

What’s amazing to me about the numbers, are that most of the people included (70% in fact), I have NEVER MET! Many contributors are people I have talked to on twitter and facebook, but there were also people I had never even heard of until they donated on my behalf. Many of them I will meet and be able to thank in person at the SQLPASS Summit in October. I’m looking forward to that!

I really need to add an extra thank you to Jason here. I wouldn’t even be doing this if it weren’t for his encouragement. The fundraising piece made me really nervous. He assured me that together, we’d have no problem raising the funds. If it weren’t for my husband, I wouldn’t even KNOW the SQL Community, or half of the other people that donated (many of them, his friends and family members). Besides fundraising, he has encouraged me during my training, and been very patient when he wanted to get out and do something, but I had to get my walks in. Thank you to him and everyone else whose support, encouragement, and donations made this walk possible for me. It’s going to be tough, but it’s nothing compared to what my friend Carrie, her Mom, Jason’s grandma, and so many others who are fighting cancer have to go through!


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