Just Days Away

The past couple weeks have been rough for training. We have made decent progress unpacking the house. There’s still a long way to go, but we’re getting there. I REALLY wanted to get some good walks in, but I had a huge cut on the bottom of my foot that just did not want to heal. I took most of last week off my feet as much as possible in order to let it heal. Tuesday, I walked to the park and back with the kids… it was only .8 miles, but better than nothing… Finally, Thursday, it started getting to the point where I could stand on it without pain. I bought new insoles for my shoes, with good intentions of testing them out… I ended up doing yard work instead. Friday, I mowed the lawn, that’s all there was time for.

Saturday: I took Duke out for a walk. He had been a little crazy with pent-up energy, so we went out and walked 2 miles. It had rained over night, and it was a brisk morning… Apparently, all the walking up and down the stairs in the house, and constant motion is not enough to keep my legs in long distance walking condition… the back of my right knee was extremely tight, and walking only made it worse. I had been trying to stretch it out, but it just felt locked… Well, I got a few more miles in…

I’m getting nervous about the 3 Day this week. I felt like with all the training I’d been doing, I “was” ready. Lately though, it seems like my body is rebelling… Granted, I have been mowing our huge lawn (with a push mower), pulling weeds, scrubbing things down, carrying boxes up and down steps, staying up later than usual (a 2nd wind at 10:00 p.m. really sucks the energy for the next day out of me), on top of everything else I have been doing, but still… I’m planning on having my super-ibuprofin pills and knee brace on hand. I’m going to need to pick up one more pair of insoles for my shoes in case it rains. I’m going to fight my way through, and do it for all the people who have been fighting cancer..

I can’t remember if I published the list yet of who I am walking for… here it is (there may even be others that I know, but miss):
Breast Cancer:
Carrie Malicki
Peg Traeder Parks
Rosie Zimmerman
Brigitte Wolfangel
Debbie (Brigitte’s sister who lost her battle)
Sherri Vonderheid
Holli Doyle-Sautbine
Jodelle Blumenthal
Kathy Hong

Other forms of cancer:
Eric Stevens (lost his battle with lymphoma)
Janette Paulson (lost her battle with liver cancer)
Suzy Goodsell (still fighting lung cancer which is also in her brain)
Rosie Zimmerman (currently fighting breast AND colon cancer)
Yanni Robel (blog) (in remission)
Mark Hayek (lost his battle)
Patty Kabus (my mom, who didn’t actually have cancer yet, but had a pre-cancer scare, where they recommended she have a hysterectomy to prevent further growth)
Rick Silloway (in remission)
Sue Cairl (recently diagnosed with colon cancer)
Ina Meyer (still fighting brain cancer)

All of the people in the list above have fought the horrible disease of cancer. While progress is being made all the time, there is currently no cure that is 100% guaranteed to keep people in remission. I believe that progress in the area of one type of cancer can lead to progress against all types. That is why I am raising funds for breast cancer research.

Speaking of fundraising, I was about to write about how nervous I was that I wouldn’t reach my goal. Today has changed that. I have received well over $300 in donations today alone! I have now officially reached my goal (well, once the $160 I sent by mail is received and entered). Thank you to everyone who has supported me in my fundraising efforts, and encouraged me through my training!

Miles in the past week and a half: 2.8
Total miles to date: 195.8
Fundraising progress: $2337/$2300 (YAY! I reached my goal!!!)


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  1. Lizzie
    Aug 17, 2011 @ 03:19:05

    Thank you for your efforts Sarah…. my grandma Louise had it twice and my mom Juliana has had several bouts with skin cancer. The the worst left a four inch removal from her leg. Know God will give you the strength you need and just trust. Btw email me your new address bc I need it to do the donation online. You are awesome for this brave Effort!


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