2 Weeks From the 3 Day Walk!

As I’m sitting here, the realization that The Walk is only 2 weeks away is hitting me. I may not have done any training walks this past week, but I certainly put miles on my feet!

This past week, we moved (for the last time in a LONG time, I hope). All week, I was hauling boxes from house A to house B, shampooing, and otherwise cleaning house B. Friday, we rented a U-Haul, and brought most of the furniture over. That was followed by more cleaning, and more carrying boxes… both houses have lots of stairs. My muscles are so fatigued!

I’m getting nervous about a few details of the upcoming walk. What is making me nervous is two-fold:

First, I cut the bottom of my feet on rocks in the lake while we were on vacation. All the time I've spent on my feet the past week has made the cuts get bigger. I've been putting Neosporin on them, and wearing socks to protect them, but they are being very slow to heal. I kind of need those feet to be in good shape in two weeks. 60 miles on them in the shape they are in will not feel good! I'm going to spend the next couple of days off my feet as much as possible.

The second thing I'm getting nervous about in regards to the walk, is the fund-raising. There have been a lot of awesome people (especially from twitter and the SQL Community) that have donated a lot of money to breast cancer research. I am still about $500 away from my goal. Whatever is not raised by the time the walk starts, I will end up paying out of pocket.

OK, enough complaining, I'm just worn out and sore… Thank you for reading and supporting my training and fundraising efforts!

Total miles to date: 193
Fundraising progress: $1667/$2300 (Still waiting for a few donations that have been mailed in to be recorded.)

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