3 Weeks Until the Twin Cities’ 3 Day!

WOW!!! I can’t believe the 3 Day Walk is only 3 weeks away! This past week, I was on vacation in Northern MN. My training was also on vacation, for the most part. The days were too busy hanging out at the lake, jet skiing, playing ladderball, volleyball, and badminton…

I did walk on Saturday for 6.5 miles. I decided I was going to walk up to “The Y Store” from the cabin. According to Jason’s GPS on his phone, it was 8.6 miles. I wasn’t sure I could make it over 17 miles, but thought it’d be good practice. We had dinner plans that night, so I was kind of on a time crunch. Jason’s mom offered to come pick me up in 2 hours, regardless of where I was at. I should have told her to wait an extra half hour, since I know I can walk 8.5 miles in 2.5 hours. I made it to the store, waited in line for the bathroom, then waited in line for some ice cream. That extra 20 minutes robbed me of at least a mile. It was 83 degrees outside. I had walked the last mile up hill. I deserved that ice cream. Unfortunately, just as I started heading back to the cabin, my mother-in-law stopped to pick me up. In the car, she broke the news to me, it was only 6.5 miles according to the odometer. We clocked it again when we left, and sure enough… we figure Jason’s GPS must have picked up some trails it followed. I was disappointed that I’d only walked 6.5 miles. I wished I would have forgotten about the stupid ice cream and not robbed myself of a mile or two. I have to admit though, that I definitely FELT like I had walked 8 miles. I’m not sure if it was because I was wearing regular cotton socks, or the heat making my feet swell, or what. I ended up with sore toes, and a blister on the top of my “ring” toe. I was also sweatier than I ever remember getting while walking.

Miles this week: 6.5
Total miles to date: 193
Fundraising progress: $1667/$2300 (only $633 to go! I also sent in $50 in donations today, but not sure when they will be recorded in my total. Technically, that means I’m only $583 away! Please help me reach my goal.)

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Get Hawt Challenge: The blog challenge continues… I have my weeks all messed up, but wanted to include it anyway, since I’m still sending Jen my links. Gotta pimp all the other people working hard towards health and fitness goals, and encouraging each other…


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