Events Leading up to the Big Day

We had a very eventful couple of days leading up to Our Big Day. Rather than including them in the actual Wedding Day post, I’m going to write a separate one leading up to the event…

Thursday morning, the tent people showed up to put up the 40 x 80 ft. tent we had rented. As soon as it was up, it started raining. It rained for 40 days and 40 nights! OK maybe only 40 hours (with a few short breaks in between). I bet the tent guys were happy it held off until the big top was up! Being that we were in the country, with gravel driveways, there was LOTS of mud! UGH! We started getting some things set up, but decided we had done enough, and headed home. We got the tables roughly laid out to where we wanted them, and Grace and I worked on getting centerpieces put together. On the way home, a deer jumped onto the freeway, and hit Jason’s Jeep. The wheel cover was ripped off, the bumper was pulled out from the rear, there were dents along the side of the vehicle, and the front door handle was busted. Not exactly a way to start our wedding weekend!

It continued to rain, and not lightly! We worked in the rain, and were REALLY thankful we had the tent! By 10:30 or so that night, we were close to as ready as we could be at that point. Other than the rain and mud, things were going great!

We held the rehearsal in the tent. We were fully prepared for it to be raining on The Big Day. The guys pulled the grills in the tent, and we grilled burgers and brats for our rehearsal dinner. Jason’s mom made an amazing fruit/cool whip salad. My favorite!

An old friend came in from out of town. I hadn’t seen her in over 12 years. She stayed at my Mom’s house too, and the two of us stayed up chatting half the night like school girls. Probably not the best idea the night before my wedding, but it was so awesome!

Wedding Day!!! Woke up to storms, but nothing real severe. Jason had gone home Friday night, I stayed at my Mom’s (where the wedding was to be held). Jason called me at 8:30 am or so, and said they had gotten severe storms during the night. Our entire basement had 2 inches of water, and roads were washed out. Not the best news on your wedding day. He ran to Menards to buy a bigger shop vac, since our 6 gal. one was going much too slow to keep up. Poor Jason, spent 2 hours on the morning of our wedding, cleaning up water…

Fast forward a few hours, my hair appointment didn’t get done until about 12, and we were supposed to be starting pictures at 12:30. While I had been totally cool, calm, and collected up to that point, there was a momentary panic that set in on how behind we were! We put everyone available to work to get the final details wrapped up. Luckily, our photographer was super cool about the hour or so delay in our time frame. Finally, everyone was as ready as they were going to be, and we started pictures. By a small miracle, we ended up getting most of our pictures done before the ceremony started.

Oh, and as for the rain? It stopped just as I was getting to my hair appointment. The sun came up, and started drying things out. It was going to be a great rest of the day!


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