Wedding Week!!!

Our wedding week is here!!! Suddenly, all those little details that didn’t seem important (or low priority) need to be taken care of – NOW. We are working hard to create programs, write down vows, finalize details, make last minute purchases… no wonder I have a killer headache and funky stomach today! I think the stress may be getting to me some!

Later this week, we will be traveling back and forth to/from WI – a lot! We’ll be picking up the marriage license, meeting with the photographer, doing the last of the weeding in the gardens, supervising the setup of the tent, setting up tables and chairs, putting together the decorations… It’s gonna be crazy-busy, and I won’t be getting hardly any walking in. The walking has become a good source of stress relief for me. I guess this week, I’ll need to start drinking. I feel a bit like this picture (as long as I don’t look like that on Saturday)!

It’s going to be so worth it. I just know we are going to have an amazing wedding day… This week leading up to it is just gonna be a bit nuts.


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