The Benefit of Being Bridezilla

I’m not really qualified to write on this topic. Bridezilla I am not! Two different vendors for our wedding have confirmed this theory.

I joke that I have adult ADHD. To some extent, I probably do. I find myself becoming more and more scatter-brained as I get older. That said, I can be very organized – when I need to be. When it comes to the wedding, I have some things very organized, yet, some small details seem to be slipping by.

The Tent
A couple months back, I called the vendor we are renting our tent, tables, chairs, and dance floor from. When I called him, he said he didn’t have us down for a tent. Panic tried to quickly set in, but I just asked if we can still add it on our order. “Yep! No problem!” Whew!! I don’t know know how we all missed it (me, Jason, and my Mom) when looking over the contract. He felt bad it wasn’t on there in the first place! He then asked if I was really the mother of the bride. I said no, to which he replied, “You’re a lot nicer than most brides I talk to. Usually they just want to yell at me. If you feel the need, by all means, call me up and yell away!” I had to laugh at that one!! I think the fact that this is a second wedding for both of us has us much more relaxed… maybe too relaxed.

Don’t get me wrong – between moving me to MN from WI, buying a house, planning a wedding, and training for the 3 day walk, life is stressful. Add in 5 children who are adjusting to new living/custody arrangements, and some days are hard to get through! But, when it comes to being on top of every little thing involving the wedding, we are pretty laid back. If I were being bridezilla, every little detail would be taken care of (and obsessively pined over).

The Lights
Back in mid-June, we ordered all the icicle lights for our tent. Being that it will be an outdoor wedding in the country, we’re going to need some lighting. I had called a company, they told me all orders would ship within 24 hours. I thought the company we ordered from was the same company. The order confirmation email sent to us immediately afterwards said “7 Day Ground shipping”. Two weeks later, we still had no order. When I checked online, it said the order was still being processed. I searched the website for a phone number – obviously this was NOT the company I had called, as there was NO PHONE NUMBER anywhere! I sent them an email letting them know when our wedding was, asking if we would have them on time. I waited a week with no response. When I checked back a week later, their website STILL said the order was processing. This time, I searched every single page I could find on their site, still could not find a phone number. Jason found a number online somewhere, it was disconnected. I sent them another email telling them to cancel our order, and told Jason to cancel the credit card charge. I found another company that would process the order that day, and send them out within 24 hours. She told me they’d be here by that Saturday. They didn’t, they came Friday! (insert .wav of angels singing here)

The Flowers, Cakes, and Tuxes
The other day, my Mom called me. It was 9:00 at night, and she was calling me to tell me my flower/cake/tux lady didn’t have us on her books to be doing our wedding. WHAT?!? We met with her, figured out everything together, gave her all our info… we thought we were set to go… that was definitely panic I was feeling – for a minute. She had given us a date of July 1st to have all the tux sizes to her. It was June 30th. She was the first call I had planned on making in the morning. Nope, that phone call couldn’t wait! It ended up being a misunderstanding between her and my mom. She had us down as a “tentative”, but still was still available to do our stuff. She said she was so used to hearing from brides ALL the time, that when she hadn’t heard from us in a while, she wasn’t sure we were still using her. This is where the “being too laid back” thing almost kicked our butts! Luckily, it all came together, just as it should. Tuxes are ordered, flowers will still be ready, as will our cakes.

Everything is coming together. There are small items we still need to pick up. And, of course, then comes the paying for everything… Unfortunately, most of our vendors require cash, rather than accepting credit cards. I understand their reasoning, but it’s going to make the next week a bit tricky. It is what it is. While there have definitely been stresses here and there, I don’t feel completely overwhelmed. I haven’t made mountains out of all those things that many brides would have (I can’t really say they’ve been molehiles, ’cause some of them certainly could have been huge issues).

We are looking forward to next weekend when 150 or so of our friends and family will be joining us for one heck of a party! There are so many activities going on this summer, many people we hoped to see won’t be able to make it. We can’t compete with every other wedding, vow renewal, vacation scheduled, move, remodel, baby about to be born any minute, etc. out there. That said, we have people traveling from Northern MN, the other side of WI, MI, Chicago, OR, and AZ to watch us get married! We are so grateful that so many people are coming to help us celebrate our big day!

BTW – the original lights company? We got an email JUST this past Tuesday, saying they would need to cancel our order, as the items we ordered are out of stock. A week and a half before the wedding… WHATEVER! I won’t be using Empire Balloon/Empire Supplies EVER!


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