7 More Weeks!

Monday: I’m surprisingly not too sore after yesterday’s almost 9 mile walk. My low back and neck are a bit stiff. My ankles are sore – almost like shin splints, but on the upper-outside part of my ankles. This time, I’m feeling it on both sides. I went ahead and walked with the kids up to the park and back, with a stop at the grocery store on the way. Total: 2.3 miles.

Tuesday & Wednesday: I was focused on other things, such as weeding the gardens at my Mom’s (they are going to look SO good for the wedding, even if they aren’t quite in bloom); collecting RSVP’s; getting through the mountain of laundry…

Thursday: Well, it was over 90 degrees, with a heat index of about a million! There was no way I was going to walk in that today! We had to empty our storage unit today; what a miserable day to be doing that! I probably sweat out 5 lbs of liquid – ugh! If my living room wasn’t full of boxes, I might try to do some push ups. How do you like that for an excuse? 😉

Friday: Another day with extremely high heat index. Days like this make me wish I had a gym membership or an elliptical machine and Central A/C. Today was a sucky day to do ANYTHING! I did manage to move all the boxes out of the living room though. That was about all I could take in the heat!

Saturday: This morning, I woke up at 8:15. Crap – I wanted to get out for a long walk this morning! Jason’s youngest son was the only one awake, so I decided to go ahead and go on a walk. I walked 3.2 miles. My knee was achy (probably all the humidity the last few days). I forgot my water bottle, so I was pretty dehydrated, and my stomach hurt. About 2/3 of the way through the walk, I discovered there was a water fountain at the park. It was warm, and tasted like crap, but I was so thirsty, I didn’t care. When I got back, I was glad to have gotten a few miles in. Then, I plotted a new route I’m going to try in the near future that will add up to about 6 miles.

Sunday: Spent most of the day pulling weeds, mowing, and doing other such activities… I didn’t get any miles in, but I did spend about 15-20 minutes doing crunches and some yoga. Finally, some REAL cross-training. Even that little bit made my stomach muscles and my shoulder muscles ache. How quickly you can fall out of shape!! I really miss my regular chiropractor appointments!!!

Miles this week: 5.5 (I’m surprised… it really felt like I did more than that)!
Total miles to date: 151.61
Fundraising progress: $1495/$2300 (getting closer – only $805 to go)

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Get Hawt: The blog party is back on. There seems to be an ongoing theme of numbers on the scale not changing… I’ll say it again, that even though I check it on occasion, I try not to worry about what the scale says I weigh. I try to focus more on how my clothes fit, how I look in the mirror, how I feel, etc. Noticing that my “mama belly” is starting to look a little less like a muffin top, keeps me motivated. Knowing that my 3 Day Walk is coming up, and that people have donated almost $1500 so far for me to do it, keeps me motivated. Watching my Mom drop not only 30 or so lbs, but also look as amazing as I’ve seen her look in over 15 years, keeps me motivated. Another friend, who weighs over 300 lbs, has lost more than 50. His progress has been awesome to watch! He too went through a plateau where he lost nothing. Suddenly, just as he was getting frustrated and wanted to give up, the scale went down by 8 lbs in a week. He too is motivation… We just need to keep in mind what it is we’re working for, and keep on!!


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