8 Weeks to go!

Hard to believe that by the time this post is published, there will be only 8 weeks before the 3 Day will be here!!

Monday: Kids and I walked up to the grocery store again. I guess yesterday’s brisk walk with the hills and all took their toll on my shins. I haven’t had shin splints since the early days of my training, but today, I can feel them in both legs – even on our .9 mile walk.

Tonight, I took the dog for a walk. By surprise, the kids actually wanted to come with. It was close to bedtime, so I cut my walk shorter than I would have. We walked 1 mile. Total for the day: 1.9 miles.

Tuesday: We traveled to WI today to visit old friends. We also went to my Mom’s where we met her cute new puppy, and pulled weeds in all our flower beds. I’m a little afraid they are not even going to be close to ready in 3 1/2 weeks when we need the flowers bloomed, but there won’t be just dirt there either. The greenery will still look nice. Didn’t get any walking in, but we did drive a few routes to plan out an official training walk that I scheduled for Sunday. I have a feeling it will be too short notice to expect anyone to come, but it’s posted anyway…

Wednesday: [The rest of this post is actually being written Monday, the 27th.] I honestly couldn’t tell you what I did, since I didn’t keep up on blogging/logging my progress this week. I think I walked some, but I’m not sure…

Thursday: The kids and I walked up to the DMV so I could get my MN driver’s license. I found out I had to take a written test, so walked back home still as a WI driver. The total walk was 1.3 miles. Afterwards, I went to my new job to fill out paper work. After that, I was setting up for a garage sale at Jason’s aunts house.

Friday: I went and took my written driver’s test today. I am now officially a MN licensed driver again! Anyway, I did walk about 1/2 mile total today with the sale, walking halfway home (to get Jason’s middle son who wanted to join us), then back again…

Saturday: This week’s whole post feels like I’m blubbering. Sorry about that…. That’s what happens when I don’t enter at least a little bit every day, and then try to put it all in while tired!

Saturday morning, I walked the long way to the garage sale. Walking at 6:45 in the morning is kind of nice! The temps are cool, there aren’t a bunch of people, dogs, or traffic out… It was very enjoyable! I planned on walking back the same route to head home after the sale, but Jason’s mom had the items that didn’t sell that I wanted to reclaim in her vehicle. It was also raining some, so I just rode back with her. I didn’t think it was fair to have her bring it back to my house, and me not be there to help unload.

Saturday evening, we walked to the local carnival about 3/4 mile away. We walked there, walked around, came home, then walked back for fireworks. Total mileage for the day: 3.62

Sunday: Sunday was my scheduled training walk. This was my 2nd walk as a Training Leader. It was me, my Mom, and one other woman who will be walking in her 4th 3-Day Walk in August. WOW! She had some great info for us! My planning on this one did not quite pay off… our route followed a busy road for 2 miles. It was busier than I expected. Then, we walked through an “educational forest” near my Mom’s house. Being that there was a trail marked on the signs, I thought it would have at least been a cared-for path. NO!!! Half the trail was muck/mud/water… Thank goodness it was only .6 miles. Our shoes were full of mud when we got out of the woods, (and I later found out, I was covered in woodticks). I felt really bad. Next time, any part of our path that goes off-road, I will walk first!! We could have skipped that trail, and still gotten 8 miles in, or completely changed the route to not be on the highway at all. Oh well. It was an adventure. At least we got to see some HUGE deer tracks, and speculate about how big the buck must have been that created them. At the 5.6 mile mark, we stopped at my mom’s house for lunch (and bathroom breaks). We then walked 3 miles back to our vehicles. Along the road, we came upon a skunk. It was a young skunk, and absolutely adorable! It was checking us out from across the street. We (obviously) kept our distance, but watched it too. As we kept walking, it started walking along the road behind us (still across the street). It was so cute, with its little tail sticking straight up, and its body waddling along in the tall grass! I had never seen a live skunk before, and certainly didn’t expect to see one at 2:00 in the afternoon! Our total mileage was 8.6 miles. It felt good! My Mom was breaking in some new orthotics in her shoes, and dealt with some foot pain, but she still made it. My hips were ok; a bit sore towards the end, but nothing like the last long walk! By the end, we were tired, and our feet were throbbing, but it felt good to have another long walk under our belts!

Miles this week: 15.92 (YAY – finally back in double digits! Now to get it up into the 20’s)!
Total miles to date: 146.11
Fundraising progress: $1435/$2300 (making progress – only $865 to go)

Related link: My fundraising page

Get Hawt: Jen’s been enjoying a couple of weeks in AK, so the Get Hawt blog challenge sort of took a break. Since I actually made progress this week, I am going to link it back to her anyway… What I have found the last couple weeks, is that I am looking for reasons to walk (or at least to get my kids to walk with me). When we have to get just a couple things at the grocery store, we walk; when we had to go to the DMV, we walked; when we have to go to the post office, we walk. I guess that’s one upside to where we currently live – most places we’d want to go, are a mile or less away! It’s feeling good to walk so much. I feel like every step is getting my body ready for the long walk ahead. I need to be better about my water intake (when I’m not walking), and trim the pop back again, but I’m getting there again. Slowly, but surely!


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