Masquerade Dance Competition 2011

The 3rd and final competition that our awesome girls from Eau Claire School of Dance (ECSOD) competed in was Masquerade. This was probably my favorite of all of them. The girls from all the studios had so much energy!! Everyone was cheering for each other, it was awesome!

We got to see Grace’s 2nd (or 3rd) cousin dance. That was fun, since I’ve watched her growing up and dancing progress via facebook for years, but had never gotten to see her dance in person.

Another thing I liked, was that the first day they danced, they didn’t have to be there until 9 something. That meant we could stay at my fiance’s house and get ready there. The second day they danced, they were in a group tap dance with ALL the ECSOD dancers. They had to be there super early, so Grace and I got a hotel room nearby.

The Venue
Masquerade was held at the Burnsville Performing Arts Center. It was gorgeous. There were amazing dressing room areas. The girls really felt like it was a big deal to be backstage with the lights, etc. The auditorium was huge, which made it Grace’s favorite place to dance. The inside and outside of this location was beautiful with plenty of space for people to hang out, groups to practice their dances, etc. It was also close to many hotels, food, etc. There was a parking ramp, but parking was free. All in all, just a great venue!

The event
Masquerade did an amazing job of keeping on track with the schedule. For the most part, they followed along in the order it was printed. IF they had to skip a number for costume changes, they announced it, and got them back on as quickly as possible.

There was a small store with some neat shirts, sweats, and dance gear, as well as a bunch of masquerade masks, which of course, EVERY girl wanted!! Their prices were very reasonable. The second day of the competition, they had t-shirts with the names of ALL the dancers sorted by school. I really wanted to get one for Grace, but she didn’t want one. Too bad, they were pretty cool!

The Competition
Again, there was some amazing competition!! It blew me away to see girls Grace’s age who had been dancing together for so long, and had such amazing chemistry. Several placement awards were given to Lake Area Dance, Energy Dance Center, and Spotlight Productions Dance Studio to name a few. After talking to one of the moms from Lake Area, I think we are going to see about having Grace go there next year (and hope she is able to compete with them).

The Judging
The judges were tough. The girls placed gold with both their ballet and jazz dances, high silver for their group tap. Many groups were scored lower than I thought they should have, but I think they were docking points for every little misstep, difference in costume, shoes, etc, in addition to docking for parents taking pictures. It was announced more than once that various groups faced disqualification due to parents taking pictures. There was a guy (we called him the “Picture Nazi”), who was walking the aisles watching very closely to make sure people weren’t taking pictures or video, even with their cell phones. There were some extra awards given out, but our girls didn’t receive any of those this time.

Other Notes
They had action photos taken at this competition too, but only two computers to view them on. I have been unsuccessful in finding the pictures on their website, where they said they’d later be available.

In summary, Masquerade was my favorite of the three competitions our girls danced in. The venue was great, the atmosphere was fun, and the competition was tough.


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