Only 10 Weeks To Go?!?

Can it be true that there are only 10 weeks to go until the 3 Day??? Or is it 9??? Either way, it’s sneaking up! I almost feel like I need to start over on my training. The last few weeks have been low mileage on the training front… This week, I was determined to get some good walks in!

Monday: Michael, Dysin, and I went for a walk. We walked up to the post office, over to the licensing bureau (where the wait was about an hour. I decided to take my sheet home to fill out, and try again later), over to Rainbow to get ice cream for root beer floats, then back home. It ended up being a 2.5 mile walk. I’m glad I decided to walk it, and was glad for the company, even if they did get a little rambunctious! The boys were very excited to have “earned” a root beer float!! Sometimes, I have no shame in bribing the kids to come with me, though, they didn’t know until half way through the walk. Anyway, 2.5 miles was nothing for walking, as far as stamina, etc. My back, however, is killing me. I somehow pulled something while hooking up the surround sound to the downstairs xbox. It has been acting up here and there. By the end of the walk, it was definitely hurting!

Tuesday: I needed to run to the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner. It’s about a half mile away, so we walked there. Along the way, my kids were picking up garbage and putting it in the reusable bag we had brought. We threw it away in the garbage can outside the grocery store. My daughter decided she should make a sign for the new house that says “People who litter are losers!” We were also admiring some of the many flowers along the way. Our walk was .9 miles – more than I walked all last week. Because of my walk yesterday, and the fact that I was carrying a bag full of groceries on one arm, and a bottle of dishwasher detergent in the other, my buns were burning a bit on the way back. It’s the good kind of pain… the kind that you notice, but doesn’t REALLY hurt. The kind where your muscles are thanking you for working them.

Wednesday: Was busy putting out wedding fires, and cleaning up water in the basement from the dehumidifier which had leaked all over…

Thursday: The kids, Duke, and I walked to the park and back. There were several hills along the way, which made it a good moderate walk for me. The kids, on the other hand, struggled about halfway back from the park. Today’s mileage: 2.17.

I also mowed the lawn today, with a push mower… I haven’t done that in YEARS (about 6, to be exact)!! I feel completely wiped!

Friday and Saturday: No training.

Sunday: With my kids at their Dad’s for the day, I took advantage of the free time to go on a brisk walk. I can tell it had been a while since I had gone on a multi-mile walk at my pace, and not at a kids’. About half-way through the walk, my side was aching, and my feet were buzzing. I only walked 2.94 miles. Now, I should qualify it a little bit that there were a couple of hills that added a level of intensity, but still… that tells me that as I feared, my lack of training the last couple weeks has put me back. Significantly back. Tonight, I could feel my buns burnin’… after only not even 3 miles?? How sad! Just a few weeks ago, 3 miles was nothing! Well… getting back on track. That’s what counts.

Miles this week: 8.51 Better than the last couple weeks, but still WAY off from where I should be in my training schedule!
Total miles to date: 130.19
Fundraising progress: $1,360.00/$2300 (Making some progress, thanks to a matching gift from Reader’s Digest)

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