16 Down….

Monday: I spent the day trying to wrap up our wedding invitations. It took me longer than I expected. After that, I got to work on completely re-claiming our kitchen. Time slipped away, and I didn’t have time to walk.

Tuesday: I planned on walking today, but with temps over 100 degrees, I chose to jet ski instead. Jason, the kids and I had a blast on the lake for about an hour. When the oil light came on in my jet ski, it was time to call it a day. Not bad for the first time out for the year.

Wednesday: Moving boxes, organizing, driving out to WI to water everything… no training, but not lazy…

The rest of the week: Not really worth talking about…

Sunday: Jason (@StrateSQL) and I went to register at Kohl’s. We parked on the opposite side of the parking lot, and walked there. Afterwards, we dropped the Jeep off for an oil change, and walked the .8 miles back home. It’s not much, but more actual walking than the rest of the week.

Get Hawt: I still have some capris I can’t yet get on, but I did manage to squeeze into a pair of shorts I haven’t been able to wear since… I don’t know, maybe 2 years ago? I wasn’t pretty, but I got them on, and wore them all day! One of my favorite summer shirts, a sleeveless button down, had the button popping in the middle. It made me realize where I need to focus some REAL cross-training (not just the “here’s something active I did that I’m calling cross-training” that I have been doing lately). Trying on my wedding dress told me the same thing… I need to work on toning my upper body, and I only have 5 weeks or so to do it! UGH!!!

I’m feeling really bummed out about the progress I haven’t made in the last couple weeks. Pair that with my drinking more pop, and eating too much junk. I’m feeling pretty blah! My focus on everything seems to have disappeared. I need to find it again!


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