Happy Saturday

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “things that made me smile this week post.” It’s been a busy week, but things are slowing down some. Things really seem to be falling in place for us… It’s been easy to find 10 things that made me smile!

In no particular order, they are:

1. Getting to spend some time with my brother yesterday. He came over to bring over some computers, and watch my kids for a couple hours while I went to my interview. Then he stayed and hung out for a bit with us.

2. Interviewing in the Anoka-Hennepin school district which I used to work in. It was fun to interview with familiar faces!

3. Getting a voicemail (I missed the call) that they’d like to offer me a position! I didn’t expect to hear either way until next week!!

4. Getting to go jet skiing with Jason and my 2 kids on Tuesday. The 100 degree temps made it a great day to be on the lake.

5. Getting to ride in the Jeep with the top off! Next time, we need to remember sun screen – we all got a little burnt.

6. Walking through our new house again. We should have a closing date soon, which made it fun to start thinking about where we want things to go.

7. Going out to my Mom’s house to water all the plants I planted last week. It was great to see new growth. Despite the over 100 degree temps (which may have killed one of our rose bushes), there were lots of seeds starting to sprout!

8. My kids played nicely together for 2 whole days with very little fighting. YAY!

9. Sleeping in until about 8:00 all week!!

10. Being able to wake up next to my fiance every day! It’s great to be living under the same roof, after a year and a half of being 2 hours apart!


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