11 Weeks to Go

This week, I lived between houses, and it sucked! The kids had their last week of school, and I had my last week of work. My mom’s house is only an hour away from Chippewa, so we stayed there for the week. My stuff was at Jason’s. It was a crazy busy week (like all of them lately), but it’s going to start settling down a bit… I will FINALLY be able to get back on track with my training!! I’m hoping I didn’t lose what ground I had gained. I’ve been quite active, but I’ve been using different muscles.

Monday: No official training today, but Jason and I did have a day with lots of walking… we looked at 10 or so houses. While there was lots of driving around, there was also lots of walking around.

Tuesday: I walked to the gas station and back on my lunch break at work (1.5 miles). I walked 1.5 miles on treadmill while kids swam, for a total of 3 miles today…

Wednesday: Made the same walk over lunch… 1.5 miles…

Thursday: Worked a half day (my last day of work), went to chiropractor, went to kids conferences, drove to house in MN to get a few things, drove back to my Mom’s in WI, went to bed. Not a lazy day, but no time for training of any sort.

Friday: Kids had a half day of school – their last one for the year. While they were at school, I went for my dress fitting. It looked awesome, and only cost me $50 with tip! David’s Bridal quoted me $250 for the same work: removable straps, bustle, and about 1/4″ hem so it doesn’t drag. Then, went to my Mom’s, where I worked on gardening for about 4 1/2 hours in the hot sun. Using the hedge trimmers to “mow” the area around the arbor and roses was a brilliant idea! It looks fabulous, but wow, were my arms/shoulders sore when I was done! Digging in crappy, rocky soil, “mowing” by hand, and pulling weeds makes for some good cross training!

Saturday: Grace got invited to WI Dells with a friend, so back to Chippewa Falls we went so I could drop her off. After that drive, it was back to my Mom’s for more planting, pruning, pulling weeds, watering what I planted over the past week, etc. It was very hot outside, and I was starting to get nauseous and a bit dizzy. I decided it was time to come inside for a bit.

Sunday: Another day with no training walking… I was at my Mom’s and watered all the freshly planted bulbs and plants… walking back and forth 5+ times across 5 acres, carrying a full large watering can counts for something, right?? OK, maybe not, but it’s something! 😉

Miles this week: 4.5 (I believe my lowest mileage to date, but not due to being lazy. I’ve been anything but!)
Total miles to date: 120.88
Fundraising progress: $1240/$2300

Get Hawt: I’m almost embarrassed to post to the Get Hawt Challenge this week, but I’m going to anyway… Even the weeks that don’t allow for getting much focused training in still need to be acknowledged. You take those days or weeks, and use it as motivation to work harder next week… That’s where I’m at. I plan on taking focused time to get some walking in every day this next week. I need to start building my mileage back up! I also need to focus a bit on stepping up fundraising efforts!

One of the quite negative side effects of being displaced this week, was that we ate fast food EVERY day! Ugh! I can just feel the grease going through my veins! One day, I did order the Asian Chicken Salad from McDonald’s as a healthier choice. It’s actually really good! I’m going to try to avoid fast food for a while! My kids may starve to death, since anything I cook is unacceptable to them lately, but they’ll eat when they’re hungry enough, right? Seriously though, we’ll ALL benefit from taking a break from crappy food!

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