Halfway There!!

I can’t believe we are at the halfway point of training! Only 12 weeks to go until the 3-Day Walk!!

Monday: It was my birthday, so I took the day off of training.

Tuesday: I had another dentist appt today. It’s just over a mile, so, I decided to walk there. On the way home, I took a slightly longer route. There and back, the total was 2.5 miles. My knee’s sore, but it felt good to walk! This afternoon, I walked to daycare to meet Michael as he got off the bus. There and back, another 2 miles. Michael struggled after about 3/4 miles (he had a field trip today, and they walked around the park a lot). After we went to pick Grace up from her clown class at school, I convinced the kids to walk up to Olson’s for amazing ice cream. We walked for ice cream, and then came back… My total for the day ended at 6.2 miles. Almost as many miles as all of last week together!!!

Wednesday – Saturday: I’ve been SOO busy packing, unpacking, loading, unloading… I haven’t done any training walking… I think carrying all the boxes up and down the steps, etc definitely counts as “cross training.” My body and mind has been pushed to the point of exhaustion and past it. On Friday night, my legs were burning – they felt like rubber. I have NEVER been so completely wiped out – I didn’t feel like I could go another step. The upside? I have a good idea of what I will feel like by the end of the 3-Day!!

Sunday: Another day spent unloading, organizing, carrying boxes up and down stairs… Again, not technically training, but it definitely pushed my physical abilities!

Miles this week: 6.2 (Even lower than last week, and is now my 2nd lowest week since I began my training.)
Total miles to date: 116.38
Fundraising progress: $1240/$2300
(Third week in a row with no increase.)

Get Hawt Challenge: Jen’s Get Hawt Challenge continues with encouragement, frustrations, and celebrations of what’s working (along with discussions of what’s not).

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Walking for a Cure


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