Moving Day

Moving day? Ha!! More like moving week!

Ok… I have a confession to make… I MAY be a bit of a pack rat… I’ve gotten better over the past couple of years, and it’s become easier and easier to purge out the things I don’t need (though, it’s still overwhelming and difficult for me). With that out in the open – it took moving to realize just how much stuff I had!! I really didn’t fully realize it until we filled a 26 ft U-Haul truck AND a 10 ft trailer… It will take a while to get it all unpacked and sorted through…

I had packed some over the weeks leading up to Moving Day. That entire week, I had been working really hard – purging and packing, purging and packing. Jason (twitter|blog) was over to help, but had to work from my house all day Thursday. I kept packing. By that night, we were throwing things in boxes, just trying to get the truck loaded… By mid-afternoon Friday, we had the truck done. With the exception of about an hour at the end when my Mom’s husband was over, we did it all ourselves! Talk about stress! We were mentally, physically, and emotionally drained. Mix that with being sleep deprived – it wasn’t pretty! The worst part was that we had to have the truck back by noon Saturday, which meant as soon as we drove the 2 hours back to MN, we had to start unloading it. At the point we left WI, we had no one lined up to help us…

I was talking to my Mom on the drive to MN. I wanted to know if she would be available to drive my van the rest of the way from her house to the new one, because on Saturday (at some point), I needed to go back to Chippewa to clear out what was left behind (namely, my fish tank – we just ran out of room). I also had to clean my old place. She told me my Grandpa said he would help. I wouldn’t have thought to ask my Grandpa; he’s 79 years old! I should have known that the man who was still running marathons in his 50’s, and broke his wrist rollerblading while in his 60’s would be a Rock Star unloading a moving van! Jason also lined up his 2 brothers to help at the last minute.

Unloading the moving truck was amazing!!! We had the 4 men, me, my grandpa’s wife who helped organize boxes so they’d all fit in his house, and Jason’s 3 boys (ages 9-13). We had that thing unloaded in an hour! Yep, 2 days to load it up, one hour to unload. Amazing what man-power will do! By Friday night, my legs were burning to the point that I didn’t think I could take another step! I couldn’t think straight…. heck, I couldn’t even follow a conversation! I needed to sleep! Finally, I got to bed, and slept awesome!! I think I have a pretty good idea of what I will feel like at the end of the 3 Day Walk now!

Saturday, my brother came over to get the few pieces of furniture we had left on the truck. We had to make room for them… Once my Mom got my van dropped off, back to Chippewa I went. I had a few things left to pack up and load up… Lucky for me, my neighbor Scott came over and offered his assistance. He helped me get the fish tank drained and packed in the van, he loaded up most of what was left, pulled decals and posters off my kids’ walls, loaded all the food from the fridge… it was great to have help so I could focus on the other cleaning that needed to be done. I spent 5 hours there, and when I left, that place was cleaner than when I moved in! Why’d I work so hard on cleaning? I did it because I felt like it was the right thing to do!

Sunday, we pretty much spent the day working on unpacking boxes, getting things organized, etc. It was another non-stop day, but was definitely more relaxed than the previous three.

After all that stress, all the work, and everything else, you’d think I’d never want to move again, right? Wrong! Jason and I spent Memorial Day driving around with a Realtor, looking at homes. We found a few that we are very interested in, and are working on writing up an offer. By the end of summer, we will likely be doing this all over again. Next time though, we will do things a bit different. We won’t move all at once; it will be more gradual. It may take a long time, but at least we won’t be completely stressed out!! After all, why bother doing things if you can’t learn from your experiences, right??


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