Future Track Star?

I live exactly one mile from where I work. Since I work at a child care center, with a different schedule each week, my kids ride the bus from school to the center. On days I am off, I go and pick up the kids. Otherwise, they stay there until I am done working.

Today, I decided to walk up to get Michael. Grace had stayed after school for her clowning class. Michael wanted to run the whole way home. He’d run ahead a bit, then wait for me, or slow down so I could catch up. I was walking fast, of course, since I am training…

This is not the first time a walk with Michael went like that. On Easter Sunday, Jason and I took the kids for a walk around Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. Michael was getting bored, so he’d wait for a runner to come by, and start running along side them. He go a little ways ahead of us, and wait for us to catch up, only to repeat the process over again.

At home, it’s not uncommon for him to run back and forth across the living room floor (in the winter or rainy days). He touches the patio door, then runs back across… he says he has to get his energy out. When I ask him why he always runs, he says he just likes to! He may be a track star (or cross country?) someday!

What I do know is this: IF I decide to train for a 5K, I know who my “other” training partner will be (besides Jason)!


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