10 Down…14 To Go

My life is SO crazy lately!! Between working on wedding plans, getting ready to move, putting together a garage sale, trying to squeeze in time to train, dance practices etc, I’ve been spread pretty thin! I didn’t have a chance to do my daily blogging most of the week. So, here I am, on Friday night, attempting to catch up on the week so far. The weather’s been a little nuts off and on rain and storms, mega wind, etc. One day, (Monday or Tuesday – I can’t remember), I walked 2.86 miles over lunch. Tonight, I walked 3.78 miles with Carrie. I didn’t get any cross-training in this week. We were supposed to have dance class Monday and Wednesday, but due to a scheduling conflict and sick teacher, both classes ended up cancelled.

Saturday: Today was my first training walk as an official Training Walk Leader. We walked 2 5-mile loops with lunch in between. I had 3 other women come. I had given them the option of walking once for 5 miles, or twice for the full 10. Two of the three stayed for the whole 10. Despite the drizzling rain, mist and wind, we made it!!! We took several quick stops for bathroom breaks, hydrating, and stretching. It went awesome!! There we were, 4 women who didn’t know each other, walking together for a common cause. Being women, we chit chatted the entire way, and the time flew by! We had a van with two women stop and ask us if we were training for the 3 day walk, and congratulate us. That was cool!

The last inside loop of Irvine Park was tough! My left hip was really hurting. I kept stopping to try to stretch it out, but it was sore! After the walk, I was supposed to go to dance class for 2 hours. Due to mis-planning the time frame of the walk, I was about a half hour late to dance. Even so, it was a hard class to get through! We needed the practice on our dance, but I was SOOO tired!!!

Sunday: I can guarantee that I will not be doing any training today! After walking close to 14 miles in two days followed by an hour and a half of hip hop, I’m spent!! I’ll be hauling boxes, going up and down stairs, and working on things around the house. I also have Grace’s dance banquet tonight. I’m looking forward to spending the evening with her!

Miles this week: 16.64 (I’m way behind schedule this week – hopefully next week will find me more time)
Total miles to date: 102.88 (wow, I’m kind of impressed with myself on this number – even if it is behind schedule)!
Fundraising progress: $1240/$2300 (No increase this week. Guess I better step up my fundraising efforts!)

Get Hawt Challenge: Jen’s Get Hawt Challenge continues. It’s encouraging to read other peoples’ progress (or sometimes lack of). It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who struggles to stay on track sometimes. Here’s the most recent post in her blog party/challenge!

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Walking for a Cure


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