9 Down… 15 To Go!

This week was, once again, insanely busy!!! I have a feeling the closer the move is, the worse my training will look. Every little bit counts though, right??

Monday: I took today to just hang out with my kids…

Tuesday: I went for a 3 mile walk over lunch today. It was a nice day by then! Thank God, since it had been a really cold morning, and my knee was aching!

Wednesday: I went for a 3 mile walk over lunch today. It was GLORIOUS! Despite the wind, it was nice enough to walk in short sleeves for the first time all year!!!! Tonight, I had dance class. We finished our hip hop dance. Only 3 classes left! WOW! The recital is coming up so fast! Our dance is pretty awesome – lots of tricks, fast movements. LOVE it!! After dance, Jason and I took Duke out for a 1-mile walk. 4 for the day – feels good to be getting in more miles in a day! I’m glad I realized that by simply circling the boat landing, I increase my mileage on my lunch walk to an even 3. There’s something that just feels like more progress saying I walked 3 miles instead of 2.86.

Thursday: Went on a field trip to the outdoor classroom with Michael’s kindergarten class today. Being a bit of a nature-nerd (maybe I should say nature Geek?), I LOVE LOVE LOVE the field trip to Lake Wissota State park every year! We got lucky, in that it stopped drizzling just as the naturalist got done with her indoor teaching portion of the day. Then, it was out for a nature hike. According to my pedometer, we only walked about 1.4 miles. Boy, it sure felt longer than that. Not sure if it was the uneven terrain, the brisk temps, or the fact that we had 20 kindergartners (should be nothing for me, right?), either way, I feel as tired as if I had walked 5+ miles today!!

Friday: Went on Grace’s field trip today. We did lots of walking, though it was start and stop, start and stop. We probably walked a total of a mile or more, but I’m not going to claim it, since it wasn’t straight walking. All that time in the sun, I’m WIPED! Now to drive 2 hours to MN to get ready for Grace’s dance competition.

Saturday: Today started at 6:15, as we got up, did Grace’s hair and makeup, and headed to her competition. I’ll be writing later on her competitions. Other than running up and down the steps of the auditorium, heading backstage to help Grace get ready for her next dance, make sure she’s lined up, etc, I did not get any training in again today. Did a little lifting of boxes and bags of mulch with Jason, then headed to a hotel for the night. Grace has to be AT the competition, hair and makeup done, by 6:05 tomorrow. DANG!!! I didn’t want her to get up the 45 minutes earlier to allow for drive time, so I found a cheap place where we could stay that’s only a mile away! Grace was pretty happy to spend some time in the pool. Me? I sat in the hot tub! I’m so tired, I’m typing this at 8:30 pm, almost falling asleep!

Sunday: Today was a VERY early morning, dance competition, then to my Mom’s for Mother’s Day. We did do a lot of yard work at my Mom’s despite the extreme wind. We put up an arbor, raked out one area where we planted different colored calla lillies and cannas, planted 7 rose bushes, and a few clematis. We had a ton more to plant, but ran out of time. Technically, the shoveling & planting probably counts as cross training.

Miles this week: 8.4
Total miles to date: 86.24
Fundraising progress: $1240/$2300

Get Hawt Challenge: Jen’s Get Hawt Challenge is continuing… Here’s the most recent post in this blog party!

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