8 Down… 16 To Go

I feel really good about my training and fundraising progress this week!

Monday: It was a gorgeous day for walking, so I walked to work. I then walked to the gas station, back home, and back to work on my lunch break. I walked home after work (duh). Then, my friend Carrie texted me and asked me if I wanted to walk with her. Since I had already planned on walking again tonight, I went with her. My hip was pretty sore by the end of that last walk. Then, I had to go to Walmart, and could barely walk by the time I left. I definitely need to do more longer walks to build up my body’s tolerance for distance! Total miles today, 7.6 (my highest in a single day so far)! I am pretty proud of myself, despite the pain!!!

Tuesday: Woke up today with my hip pretty sore, but not as bad as I expected after yesterday. I also have a nasty cold or allergies. I’m glad I had already decided to take today as a rest day! The rest of the week is supposed to be rainy/snowy… Frankly, I’m sick of walking in those kinds of conditions. We’ll see how the rest of the week goes for miles…

Wednesday: I had an hour and a half hip hop class tonight. We worked really hard! Some great cross-training there! When I got home, I decided to take Duke for a 1-mile walk. Every mile counts!

Thursday: Sigh… another insanely busy day off! I’m so ready for life to slow down! After dropping Grace off at dance, I made Michael take a walk with me. He loves the one on one time with Mom, but I don’t think either of us were loving the chilly wind and drizzle we were walking in. We walked around Pheonix Park, following the trail… it ended up being 1.2 miles. I discovered that clipping my pedometer to my pants (as opposed to my belt), and having it further to the side, brought more accurate results. It read 1.108, when I plotted it on Walk with Walgreen’s, it was 1.2. If you haven’t checked out the Walk with Walgreen’s site, it’s pretty cool. You log your walks, and earn coupons. Simple as that! They also send emails a couple times a week with different tips on walking/running, fitness, nutrition, etc. Today was also my day to get my training to become an official Training Walk Leader/Safety Monitor for the 3-Day. I’m excited to plan my first official training walk! I REALLY need to be getting those longer walks in!

Friday: Only had time for a mile walk over my lunch break today, but again, I’m sticking with my “every mile counts” motto! I had an appt at the doctor today. According to their scale, I’m only down 3 lbs, not the 9 Jason’s scale told me. This is why I don’t trust scales. I know I have not gained any weight (though it could be that SOME fat is turning to muscle, but not that much). I feel thinner, I fit my clothes better. That’s what counts!

Saturday: With the EARLY morning we had for Grace’s dance competition, I didn’t have much energy for walking. Also, it was pouring out this morning! I have done my share of walking in the rain. After a mid-day nap, the sun decided to come out, and Jason and I went outside to take advantage of it! We did yard work – lots of raking and bagging of wet leaves, etc. It was definitely an arm workout! I’m taking that work as 20 minutes of cross training.

Sunday: After the fun day at Action City with my co-workers (does laser tag count as cross training? NO? How about bumper cars, Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution?), my friend Jill and I went for a long walk in the wind. Brrr!!! The wind was so cold! Our walk ended up being 4.8 miles (or maybe further, since I guessed on what road we turned around at on the first leg of the walk). When I got home, I decided to take Duke for a walk down to the river and back, one more mile for the day! My buns are burning now, but it’s a burn that tells me I worked hard! I feel great about it!

Miles this week: 16.6 (the first week where my total miles was higher than recommended on the training schedule).
Total miles to date: 77.84
Fundraising progress: $1240/$2300 Over halfway there!

Get Hawt Challenge: Jen’s Get Hawt Challenge is continuing… Here’s the most recent post in this blog party!

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