Smiles for Saturday

I’ve had many things that made me smile this week. Among them have been:

1. Going on a nice long walk with my dear friend, Carrie. We ended up with 3.5 miles, on top of my 4 earlier in the day.

2. A long dance class Wednesday night. It was hard work, but oh so worth it!

3. Going for a walk with Michael on Thursday while Grace was at dance class. We ended up at the Children’s Museum in Eau Claire.

4. Watching Michael beaming with pride as he finally braved the “stomach” at the children’s museum!

5. Traveling with Grace to MN for her competition. We had some bumps in the road along the way, but it was great to have some one on one time with her too!

6. Watching Grace dance today. Her big smile always makes it so fun to watch! They scored gold in both dances.

7. Being able to take a nap after an exhaustingly late night last night and early morning today!

8. Being able to do yard work at Jason’s house. I’m weird, I know! I just can’t wait to have a yard to take care of again!

9. Great days at work…

10. Getting my new laptop today!!!! Jason gave me an early birthday present, and I’m thrilled!!!


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