7 Down… 17 To Go

Hard to believe I’ve been at this 7 weeks already! That explains the progress I’ve seen! I stepped on the scale at Jason’s house, and I’m down almost 9 pounds. I’m not necessarily trying to lose weight, but I am trying to lose some of the fat from having babies. Besides some slimming down, I’ve noticed I really hadn’t craved sweets or chocolate NEARLY as much as I used to. My pop consumption has also gone down significantly! Slowly, but surely, I’m feeling better…My body is actually starting to feel healthier!

I didn’t get in as many miles as I would have liked this week, but I feel really good about my training. I got a lot of cross-training in, made efforts to get walks in, even if a bit shorter than I’d have hoped.

Monday: I either had a case of the stomach flu, or food poisoning! Either way, the last thing I wanted to do was walk or work out! Rest Day it is!

Tuesday: After Week 6 of slacking some on my training, my body is starting to regress a bit. Today, I was having some major cravings for sweets! I ate some jelly beans my little sweetie (Michael) brought me, a couple of Peeps, and stopped myself. I easily could have kept going on the sugar rush! I put my bottle of Dr. Pepper in the fridge, filled up my water bottle, and turned on a workout video. I got a new video from The Firm a few weeks back, and finally decided to try it. This one is called Target Toning: Zero in Ten. It has 5 10-minute sections each with a targeted area. The sections are: Lean Legs, Fearless Arms, Bikini Body Blaze, ABS-olute CORE, and Bun Burn. You can do them all, one or two sections, or customize to what you want. I did the legs, arms and buns. Without a very deep living room, the buns one was tough to do. There were a lot of squats in all three workouts. I’m definitely gonna feel that tomorrow! 30 minutes of cross-training today!

Wednesday: Well, the next time I think I’m going to do a leg/buns workout the night before dance, I need to read this again! OUCH! I woke up with my thighs/quads, and buns a bit sore. I had an opportunity to walk my 2.86 mile route over lunch today, and took it. It was a snowy/rainy walk, but it wasn’t too bad. It was fairly light, and the sun was trying to come out. The road along the river was filled with singing birds. It was as if all the birds were saying, “Go Sarah, Go Sarah, go, go, go Sarah!” By the time dance class rolled around, I knew I was gonna be hurting. My knees were pretty sore in addition to everything else by this point. We had a double dance class tonight, and worked hard. Our recital is coming up quick, so things are getting pretty intense now! I have a feeling it’s going to be hard to walk tomorrow!

Thursday: As predicted, my legs and buns HURT like … well, you know! Walking, going downstairs, squatting, bending, all hurt. Since my day was pretty busy anyway, I took today as a rest day. I needed it after yesterday.

Friday: My legs/buns are still achy, but in a good way. I went out on a walk over my lunch break, but since I didn’t have as much time today, I only walked 2 miles. I hoped to get out for another short walk this evening, but just as I left work, it started raining. It’s so dang cold, I decided NOT to walk in the rain this time – I’ve done that enough!

Saturday: 1 mile walk with Michael and the dog. Short, but my knee was aching, and we were on a time crunch. At least I got a little walk in!

Sunday: Besides walking all over the yard helping the kids find their eggs, I got to go on a GREAT walk in the sunshine today! My knee was achy, but Jason, the kids and I took a 3.1 mile walk around Lake Calhoun. It was great to get out today!

Total Miles this week: 8.96
Total Miles to date: 61.24
Fundraising Total:$1005! Almost half-way there!! I also have a $200 donation that came in the mail that I sent to the Susan G Komen Foundation, and 2 more matching donations from companies I expect to be coming in. Getting closer to that $2300 goal!!

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PS. Since I have made this journey a public one, I am participating in Jen M’s blog party called Get Hawt Friday. A group of us are using this blog party as a way to encourage each other, and to help hold each other accountable for our efforts towards our various goals. Here’s the link to her roundup of last week’s efforts.


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