6 Down… 18 To Go

Have you ever had one of those weeks… You have great intentions of doing a lot, but don’t even come close to accomplishing your goals?? That was totally my week this week. So discouraging!! I’m not going to make excuses.. I was emotionally and physically wiped out. I slept more than I walked this week – really not cool!
Oh, and, I’m pretty sure I have the worst luck EVER with pedometers!! Mine is no longer reading correctly (it’s only, what? A month old? UGH)!

Monday: My pedometer crapped out on me today! After walking a mile, it said I had only walked a quarter mile. I walked my 2.86 miles over lunch. It was very windy. Going up the hill against the wind made the walk significantly harder. My knees were a bit sore this morning from the stretching last night (or the weather, not sure). I put cotton balls under the toes, wore the “running socks”, and it seemed to help with the blisters. This evening, I walked my favorite path through the woods. It was great walking at dusk – we got to hear turkeys calling, and WAY LOUD frogs everywhere! 2.97 added to the other 2.86 puts me at a total of 5.83 miles for the day!

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: Dance class tonight! 55 minutes of sheer stress relieving bliss!

Thursday: Another rest day – just ’cause. I could pretend walking up and down the stairs 400 times while doing laundry is cross-training, but I’m not going to. My calves and shoulders/upper back are incredibly sore today for some reason… My day was quite busy, and so, I just took it to rest…

Friday: Wow – do I feel lazy!!! My training this week has been REALLY far off track! I had another busy day, but I did manage to squeeze a 2 hour nap in! I should have used that time to get a good long walk in, but I was too exhausted! I did no cross training, no walking (except up and down the stairs as I carried boxes from the basement to bring to the storage unit). I did dance with Michael’s kindergarten class this morning… that “COULD” be cross-training… yeah, the reality is, this was my 3rd rest day this week. That’s REALLY not cool!!

Saturday: I’m going to claim 1 mile today. I didn’t take an intentional walk today, but I did park quite a ways from where the dance competition was. As Grace and I were walking to the Auditorium, she said, “See Mom? you’re getting your walk in for the day.” Walking there and back probably totaled about a mile.

Sunday: I took a walk in the glorious sunshine today! Was going to bring the dog, but he was being naughty, so I didn’t! It was a bit windy, and I had no set route. I just started walking from Jason’s house, and let the roads take me wherever. It ended up being a great walk, due to some hills. I even tried jogging a couple blocks – it wasn’t too bad! The walk ended up being about 1.8 miles. Not as far as I had hoped I would walk, but once again, I was on a time frame.

Total Miles This Week: 8.63
Total Miles to Date: 52.28

Fundraising totals:$730 ($1570 to go)

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  1. Yanni Robel
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 10:20:34

    You are doing so awesome! Hey – let’s encourage each other! I sure could use a “virtual” training buddy. I had a rough week last week. I was exhausted and it’s only my week 2!!!

    You are walking for a cause that hold so dear with my heart and as a survivor myself, I cherish you for doing this. I don’t even know you all that much (yet), and I already love you for doing this!! Another week is done, new week is starting! We’ll start our week together, shall we?


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